5 Technology Observations: 2 September 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, gossip, chatter and plenty more to start your day for Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items to sip on...

9. Oracle OpenWorld 2015: For folks like me, I hear Sunday, October 25 is the "can't miss" day. At least that's what the grape vine told me yesterday... PS: Elton John is set to perform as the conference's closing act.

8. See You There... Or There?: I just received an invite to Gartner Symposium/ITxpo (Oct. 4-8, Orlando, Fla). Hmmm... That's the same week as Amazon Re:invent (Oct. 6-9, Las Vegas). Decisions, decisions. Perhaps if I had a full-time content focus on one industry I could begin to prioritize where to go....

7. Same Thesis, Different Year: Intel hopes its latest chips, based on so-called Skylake technology, can jumpstart PC sales. The problem? The vast majority of PC users no longer need to buy the "fastest" or "latest" processor -- because a lot the application load has shifted from our desktops out to the cloud, where performance power feels limitless. Still, desktop and mobile performance improvements could impress gamers. And perhaps new power-saving technologies will further drive interest in Skylake. But ultimately, I don't see an overall PC market rebound materializing anytime soon.

6. In Case You Missed It: Apple apparently is planning to get into the movie and TV content development business -- a la Netflix. We covered that -- and more -- on yesterday's Tech News Today...

5. Why So Anonymous?: I couldn't help but notice several LinkedIn members viewing my profile anonymously -- each day -- since Aug. 30. Hmmm.... I haven't made any updates or changes to my bio in about a year. Perhaps it's time to dust off the old digital resume and add some new entries just to please the anonymous eyes. But what would I possibly write?

4. Stop Hogging My Screen: Google is warning mobile website owners not to crowd the screen with mobile app ads. Doing so will now hurt your SEO results. The takeaway: Give visitors what they want (direct access to the content they were pursuing) -- rather than what you think they want (an intrusive call for visitors to "please install our app").

3. Memo to GigaOmYou're either back in the content business or your not. A site update or two per day is not a full-blown media business. (Hmmm... Will I have to eat my own words?)

2. MSP: I haven't said or written that acronym in quite some time. It felt sort of good. I've always been a fan of Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP). Oh, and managed services providers. Stay tuned.

1. One Code Base, All Screen Sizes: Remember all my rants about flawed Mobile First initiatives -- and After Nines Inc.'s shift to a "triplets first" mentality? Well, I'm finally done ranting. I've seen the ideal triplets -- true PC, tablet and mobile optimization -- and they're due for delivery any day now.

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