5 Technology Observations: 1 Sept. 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, gossip, chatter and plenty more to start your day for Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items to sip on.

9. Apple and Cisco Get Cozy: The two giants announced a partnership to better integrate iPhones and iPads with Cisco's networking and video conferencing gear. This relationship is long overdue. I seem to recall Cisco held the iPhone trademark until Apple negotiated for the rights around the time iPhone first launched. Apple, as you'll recall, also has a close enterprise relationship with IBM.

8. CIOs and Cybersecurity: What do CIOs need to know about the FTC's cybersecurity ruling? Find out here. Come to think of it, the piece is actually a great read for service providers as well. (Hmmm... Service Providers. What an interesting term that may demand more of my attention sometime soon...)

7. App Economy: CA Technologies has spent considerable time explaining the Application Economy to Service Providers. I have to spend a bit more time analyzing CA's strategy before I weigh in with more perspectives. Stay tuned...

6. iPhones Hacked: It sounds like 225,000 iPhones have been hacked. The figure, from Palo Alto Networks, involves jailbroken iPhones suffering from KeyRaider malware

5. Join Me Today: I'm set to join Tech News Today, hosted by Mike Elgan, at 1pm ET/10am PT today. The live netcast -- available as an audio or video stream -- features surprise guests (top tech journalists) analyzing the top stories of the day.

4. Finding Your Why: Yes, After Nines Inc. has Found its Why -- a singular purpose that will drive us forward. We'll share details soon. But it's also a timely reminder... If you're struggling to figure out (A) what you stand for or (B) what your business stands for, definitely read Finding Your Why. I had forgotten about the book until Lisa Marie Jenkins mentioned the title to me last week.

3. Goodbye Flash: Google Chrome will soon start blocking Flash-based Web ads, the search engine giant has confirmed. The reasons? First, Flash-based ads often slow down page loads. Second, the Flash ads actually drain battery power on mobile devices. Google joins Apple in moving away from the Flash ad format.

2. Winding Down: You may notice fewer blog updates from me over the next few weeks. Also, new editions of our Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneur podcasts are on hold until at least Sept. 15. Among the twists? At some point you may see more blog updates from After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz...

1. And Building Up: Ahem... Something new is just about ready to debut.

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