5 Technology Observations: 31 August, 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, perspectives, views and plenty more to start your day for Monday, Aug. 31, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves eight items to sip on.

8. Apple Watch Sales: Perhaps the Apple smartwatch is selling better than some dire reports suggest. For instance, IDC says the Apple Watch sold 3.6 million units in Q2 -- ahead of initial iPhone and iPad sales for their respective launch quarters. Still, Q3 could be a much better measure of actual long-term demand... We'll be watching.

7. The 80 Percent Defense: If you plan to hack the Labor Department, you might want to accelerate your efforts. The department now leverages two-factor authentication for about 80 percent of its users, with the remaining 20 percent to be addressed sometime in September, according to The Wall Street Journal.

6. Physical Presence, Virtualization Event: Rumor has it several Datto executive leaders are at this week's VMworld conference. Don't forget: Some of Datto's investors -- including Steve Herrod and Paul Sagan -- have some history with VMware and EMC, respectively. Also, it's a safe bet Datto CEO Austin McChord and his team have been putting the finishing touches on the Datto Network Appliance (DNA), a next-generation router designed for the SMB channel. I think it's set to launch this fall.

5. WiFi Router Disruption Starts: As I mentioned, Datto is preparing the DNA router launch for the SMB channel (item 6 above). Meantime, Google's new WiFi router -- called OnHub -- for home users goes on sale today. At least one early Google OnHub review is extremely positive. And that reinforces my view: I think the SMB and home markets are ripe for WiFi router disruption. (Side note: The "channel" word seems to have suddenly returned to my vocabulary...)

4. Your First 10 Customers: A timely reminder for tech startups... Your first 10 customers can make or break you, notes TechCrunch. The piece notes that your founding team better be directly involved in the sales process and feedback cycle. Plus, you need to focus on more than booking revenue... actual engagement with your customers is a stronger indication of long-term success (or failure), the piece notes. Hmmm....

3. Reconnecting with Old Friends: During the past two weeks, I've reconnected with two long-lost friends from high school. But perhaps I was the one who had been a bit lost. I rather enjoy reconnecting with old pals. Sure, we spend a few minutes talking about the past. But the real fun starts when we start talking about where we're all heading... Next...

2. Isn't That Ironic: Apple's next iOS will include an optional mobile ad blocker app for iPad and iPhone users. Hmmm... Didn't former CEO Steve Jobs design the iPad in particular to be a next-generation content platform for magazines, newspapers and other media formats? Instead of panicking, I think media companies have to make sure their mobile designs actually display a limited number of highly targeted ads... Maybe I'll more fully explain what I mean really soon... In the meantime, Google is promoting some tips to help developers and advertisers circumvent Apple's new security rules.

1. Early Previews: At some point, the dialog is written, the casting is done, the stage is built and the show bill is printed. But before you have your official opening night, you've got to host some private previews... Hmmm...

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