5 Technology Observations: Aug. 25, 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology observations, insights, rumors, gossip and plenty more to start your day for Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015.

Actually, here are eight updates to sip on today.

8. Wall Street: Same story different day. Stay tuned for plenty of volatility. Focus on your five-year goals and longer-term investment hopes rather than 5-hour gyrations. Despite the situation in China most international markets stabilized overnight (between Monday and Tuesday, U.S. time)..

7. Amazon Killer No More?: Alibaba, the China alternative to Amazon.com, is a Wall Street darling no more. Shares are now trading below their IPO value...

6. Jumping From Amazon to Google: Amazon's top hardware chief, Jon McCormack, has joined Google's Advanced Technologies and Products unit, multiple media sites reported. The move comes one week after Google announced its latest hardware device -- dubbed OnHub.

5. Time for Cyber Inspections?: A U.S. appeals court ruled that the Federal Trade Commission can regulate cyber security and sue companies that fail to properly safeguard consumer information. Does that mean the FTC will investigate the Ashley Madison hack... and what about all of those government hacks?

4. Another Cloud Storage Rival: ClearSky Data emerged from stealth mode. How will the startup stand out in a saturated market? The answer involves three-tiered storage: An on-premises managed appliance, a warm data center within a 120 mile radius of the customer network, and less expensive Amazon S3 storage for data the customer rarely uses. There are two big wildcards to the model. First, ClearSky's own business model has to prove worthwhile. Second, a partnership with Digital Realty (for that warm data center approach) has to last a lifetime...

3. Ship Us Your Hard Drive: That's the message from Google, which will now allow customers to mail in their hard drives, flash drives and other storage media. Google, in return, will migrate the data to Google Cloud Platform. The service is dubbed Offline Media Import/Export.

2. Sixteen Ways to Value Your Business: What's the real difference between bookings and revenue, recurring revenue and total revenue, and so many other financial metrics that startups toss around? Andreessen Horowitz offers a look at 16 startup metrics -- pointing to the ones that matter and offering a reality check for those that don't. 

1. Road Trip: Rumor has it Amy Katz and I are heading to Providence, Rhode Island, later this week. Perhaps some brainstorming is on tap for 2016. Or maybe... just maybe... we'll brainstorm some new items that could potentially arrive long before the New Year...

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