Saying Less, Coding More

I have a confession. For the next few weeks, it will be downright difficult for me to generate two blogs daily on the After Nines Inc. site. Amy Katz and I are heads-down on some coding, database and platform work... And the potential code (pieced together by some platform wizards other than us) is starting to look pretty darn good.

Our loyal readers have heard some of this story before. I've described it as our Lego project -- an effort to piece together the right software components to potentially transform After Nines Inc. into a next-generation business. I've mentioned my own frustration with mobile-oriented code at least three times. At one point, I raised my hands in frustration and walked away -- before returning with some new ideas on the subject.

And now, those ideas are really starting to crystallize into something that's very, very workable. The big question: Assuming our code is nearly fully baked, what exactly would we use it for?

Design, Build, Ship

Think of it this way: If you build a flexible factory and a flexible supply chain, you could use the distribution system to design, build and ship products nearly anywhere in the world. But what products? And for what types of customers? And for what regions?

We could use the Amazon model... stock everything and ship just about any digital component to any person anywhere. Or we could use the NFL model... focus on one great premium product (the world's greatest sport) and package it up for loyal, engaged fans across nearly any medium.

Ah, details, details. The first huge step was getting the factory and the supply chain set up exactly to our specifications. (Update: Mission accomplished.) We're just applying some of the final code now -- the machinery on the factory floor that will potentially allow us move the business into any direction we want.

Shots in the Dark

A few readers have asked us if our potential business direction involves the following areas:

  • Drones?: This was a brief "maybe." But now the answer is a firm "nope."
  • PrecisionAG?: We'll leave that to the true expert.
  • Internet of Things?: Not exactly.
  • A Curated News Service?: Absolutely not.
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investing: Nine months ago I would have said "absolutely yes." Now,  the answer is more of a "sort of, kind of..."
  • Something Else?: That remains to be determined.

Whoops. Forgive me. My shift on the factory floor is about to start again. Gotta run. Coding calls. And I gotta say, it's good to be knee-deep in the code again -- though I'm more of an observer and tweaker rather than the primary code wizard around here. That distinction belongs to another pro...

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