5 Technology Observations: 7 July 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology updates, insights, perspectives and chatter to start your day for Tuesday, July 7, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items to sip on.

9. Cisco Buys MaintenanceNet: Congrats to MaintenanceNet VP Justin Crotty and the team. The deal positions Cisco to help the IT industry more effectively capture revenue that's otherwise lost -- forever. Need more background? Check out our podcast with Crotty, which occurred a few weeks before Cisco made this deal. 

8. When Hackers Get Hacked: That's exactly what happened at Hacking Team -- an Italian company that sells hacking software to governments. As a result of the digital break-in, confidential documents about Hacking Team software sales to the U.S., Russia and other country spilled onto the web. In other words, a digital arms dealer was a prime target for a digital attack.

7. See You Today: I'm set to co-anchor Tech News Today with Mike Elgan at 1pm ET/10am PT. Join us for the live video cast -- or check out the recorded show later in the day. Hard to believe: It's been roughly a year since I started co-hosting each Tuesday.

6. Shift Your Mobile Mindset: Samsung's latest quarterly smartphone sales were weaker than expected. No doubt, there's still money to be made from mobile apps and mobile management. But if I was getting into the mobile game right now, I'd be focused far more heavily on all the data that mobile devices and remote sensors are producing... and how to gather/manage/monetize that data...

5. Good Money After Bad?: General Wireless Operations -- doing business as, ahem, RadioShack -- raised $75 million in new financing to bolster in-store experience and strengthen a relationship with Sprint.

Alas, RadioShack ultimately is a brick and mortar reseller. Let's analyze that a bit more closely. First: Brick and mortar. Not good. Second: Reseller. Also not good. Despite having a well-known brand, RadioShack has struggled to develop its own intellectual property. And therein resides the true problem.

4. Doubling Down: Congrats to MediaOps -- owner of the DevOps media website. They've just launched ContainerJournal.com -- focused on Docker and other container technologies. Think of it as a next-generation version of BrianMadden.com, a virtualization site that TechTarget acquired several years ago. Yup, I've still got deep respect for entrepreneurs who build media platforms in emerging niches... But if Amy Katz and I were ever going to potentially get back in that game, I suspect our hypothetical approach would be completely different this time around. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

3. Hortonworks: Keep a close eye on the Hadoop software provider. Just a hunch, but I suspect some major developments are on the way... Soon.

New MongoDB CFO Michael Gordon.

New MongoDB CFO Michael Gordon.

2. Money Man: MongoDB hired Morgan Stanley veteran Michael Gordon as chief financial officer, replacing former CFO Sydney Cary (who left earlier this year for another startup). MongoDB -- which certainly has IPO ambitions -- is one of the fast-growing providers of NoSQL.

1. Road Trips: Amy Katz and I will both be on the road all day Wednesday. Different states. Different destinations. Common goal: Life-work balance... enjoying some great times with our families while also pushing forward with After Nines Inc. business development... Drop us a note. Maybe we'll be in your neighborhood... or your building.

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