Next-Gen IT Monitoring Surfaces at AWS Summit

In its quest to dominate the public cloud, Amazon has finally learned a key term: "Hybrid Cloud." Indeed, check the agenda for this week's Amazon Web Services Summit in New York, and you'll see Hybrid Cloud dominating the planned conversation. Among the two potential winners: A new breed of IT management tool providers that can optimize AWS infrastructure and cloud application workloads.

Although the main event -- led by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels (pictured above) -- is July 9, I'm keeping a far closer eye on a pre-conference gathering designed for enterprise customers on July 8. 

At that enterprise-centric gathering, Amazon will dive into:

  1. Hybrid Infrastructure Integration -- connecting on-premises IT resources with AWS. Here, a growing range of network, server and storage companies are working with Amazon to build virtual bridges between on-premises infrastructure and AWS. Hardly surprising, NetApp is among the show sponsors.
  2. AWS Security -- with a particular emphasis on encryption, access control, user privileges, logging and monitoring, and more.
  3. Microsoft Platforms -- yup, the push to migrate Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Active Directory toward AWS continues. 

Surprisingly, only a few IT monitoring and management companies will try to grab the spotlight at AWS Summit New York. Chief among them: 2nd Watch, AlertLogic, CloudCheckr, DataDog and New Relic -- several of whom After Nines Inc. has been tracking closely in recent months.

CloudCheckr is particularly intriguing, since it helps customers to monitor and manage AWS costs -- which can potentially grow exponentially as your own AWS workloads scale.

We'll share more insights later this week from AWS Summit...

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