5 Technology Observations: 23 July 2015

Good afternoon, I.T. entrepreneurs. And greetings from the MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco. Here are five technology news updates, insights, perspectives and chatter to keep your day humming along for Thursday, July 23, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves six items to sip on.

6. IBM's Cloud Buy: IBM has acquired Compose, a database-as-a-service provider. The startup raised about $7 million to date. Watch Compose to emerge as part of IBM's Blue Mix strategy.

5. The Other MDM: OK, you know about mobile device management (MDM). But the MDM acronym also is gaining momentum in another IT sector... dubbed Master Data Management. Here's why.

4. Oracle Support Alternative?: Keep an eye on Rimini Street -- which provides Oracle software support for roughly 50 percent less than Oracle charges. An Oracle lawsuit against Rimini is expected to head to trial in September. Some CIOs are rooting for Rimini in the case because the upstart allows businesses to shift some IT budget from Oracle support to innovative projects...

3. Quiet Progress: Even as the PC market tanks, Microsoft has quietly built the Surface tablet/PC business into a growth business. Surface revenues were $888 million in Microsoft's most recent quarter, and Surface revenues grew 64 percent in the fiscal year.

2. Amazon Cloud Revenues: We'll get the latest AWS revenue and growth milestones later today, when Amazon announces quarterly reports. That's a prime opportunity to compare and contrast AWS's progress vs. Microsoft and IBM, both of which announced quarterly results (and some cloud milestones) earlier this week.

1. The Sound of Silence: The After Nines Inc. blog and newsletter will be on vacation from Monday, July 27 through Friday, Aug. 7. We'll be back, well-rested and armed with a fresh round of content on Monday, Aug. 10. Thanks for being here when we come back.

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