5 Technology Observations: 2 July 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, chatter, gossip, fireworks and plenty more to start your day for Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves seven items to sip on.

7. HP Breakup Details: You'll find deeper details about the HP breakup plan in this new SEC filing. The breakup is expected to be official on Nov. 1 or so -- forming HP Inc. (PCs and printers) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (servers, storage, networks, etc.). The weak areas are no surprise: Cloud and software, in particular.

6. Spark for Analytics: Depending on whom you ask, Spark either complements or replaces Hadoop as a big data analytics platform. But before you buy into the hype, check out this Spark case study and related challenges involving AirBnB... Oh, and here's six other things you need to know about Spark.

5. Next Podcast: Speaking of Spark, we'll do exactly that on our next podcast. Eli Collins, chief technologist at Cloudera, will explain how "Spark is the airbag in Hadoop's car."

Cloudera Chief Technologist Eli Collins

Cloudera Chief Technologist Eli Collins

Even if you're not a Spark or Hadoop adopter, tune in to hear about some emerging big data trends that are reshaping enterprise businesses. Collins and I are scheduled to talk today. We'll post the podcast in the next few days here.

4. Harvard Hacked: Yes indeed, the university suffered some sort of breach on June 19. Harvard shared details here. The takeaway: FAQs are often a good way to share bad news in a concise, informative manner.

3. Delayed IPOs and Tech Valuations: In recent months, I've warned readers multiple times about lofty tech valuations and a potential market bubble. Now, here's the opposite side of the story. A growing number of startups are delaying IPOs because they don't want the associated public scrutiny -- quarterly earnings calls, debates with financial analysts, etc. In fact, some VCs are now saying that tech valuations have remained reasonable in the current market. Hmmm...

2. Congrats and a Question: To Jason Magee, who shifts from LabTech Software VP to ConnectWise Executive VP of Strategy and Acquisitions. I could be wrong, but I suspect he'll be working closely with Director of Acquisitions Gerwai Todd. 

Will we see Jason Magee's fingerprints on some upcoming tech M&A deals?

Will we see Jason Magee's fingerprints on some upcoming tech M&A deals?

ConnectWise created a $20 million investment fund in January 2010. Fast forward five years, and the company has made several successful IT company investments. The big question: How much of the original $20 million war chest is available for additional investments? Hmmm...

1. Reminder: We don't update our blog or newsletter on Fridays. We'll be back on Monday with new observations. In the meantime, have a safe, enjoyable Independence Day.

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