5 Technology Observations: 13 July 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, chatter, gossip and plenty more to start your week for Monday, July 13, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves eight items to sip on.

8. Winner Take All: Apple now controls 92 percent of profits in the smartphone industry, despite selling only about 20 percent of all smartphones, according to Canaccord Genuity. Samsung has 15 percent of the profits -- giving Apple and Samsung a combined 107 percent of profits because many players (ahem, Microsoft?) are losing money. What does that tell me? Anybody else remember when Apple and then Compaq and then Dell controlled the bulk of PC industry profits? Those lofty margins eventually tumbled downward -- though Apple eventually recovered nicely in the PC game. But, the free-fall must await Apple and its shareholders in the smartphone market...

7. Cloud (Truly) Impacts IT Outsourcing: OK, you already knew that. But take a closer look and the numbers are stunning. The value of IT outsourcing deals signed in 2014 shrank 17 percent to $120.4 billion from $145.5 billion in 2013, according KPMG. Among the biggest potential victims: Indian companies that specialize in outsourcing -- such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy, Tech Maindra and Wipro, note The Wall Street Journal.

6. Docker Monitoring: Site24x7, which offers a cloud monitoring service for DevOps and IT operations, has launched a Docker monitoring beta -- allowing IT pundits to monitor the performance of applications and transactions even as they pass through multiple containers. By the end of 2015, it's safe to expect all of the major public cloud providers to have some sort of Docker monitoring capability in place.

5. The Next Managed Service: I haven't covered that market in a long, long time. But if I did, I'd keep a really close eye on APIs. Just sayin'.

Altiscale CEO Raymie Stata

Altiscale CEO Raymie Stata

4. Friends Not Foes: That's the spin from Altiscale CEO Raymie Stata, describing how Spark and Hadoop -- two open source technologies for big data applications -- are actually complementary. Hadoop, he insists, is the "foundation that makes Spark possible." We'll be watching to see if customers agree.

3. New Prescription for Google Glass: Yup, Google is overhauling its Glass wearable strategy -- this time, apparently focusing on the enterprise. I was an early Google Glass advocate -- until I actually purchased and lived with the device for a few days. Not impressed...

2. A Day Long Remembered: Surely, you've seen the latest Star Wars Episode VII footage from Friday's Comic-Con 2015 panel... PS: Mark Hamill remains the ultimate ambassador for the franchise...

1. Smaller Tech IPOs Coming: Sometimes, the largest IPOs aren't the most important IPOs. That message, delivered on a recent NRP podcast, caught my attention. In particular, keep an eye on the SEC's new Regulation A+, which allows companies to raise small sums of money while experiencing less red tape along the way. Many such mini-IPOs are on... the... way...

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