5 Technology Observations: 3 June 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, rumors, chatter and plenty more to start your day for Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items to sip on.

9. Impressive Deal: IBM has acquired Blue Box, a private cloud provider that leverages OpenStack -- the open source cloud platform. Smart move, IBM -- especially as businesses with on-premises OpenStack deployments seek to move some workloads into secure, third-party data centers... like Blue Box.

8. Big Vision, Mixed Execution: HP CEO Meg Whitman yesterday told customers that Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will focus on four strategic areas -- Transform, Protect, Enable and Empower. Bloomberg says that's code for cloud computing, security, software and mobility. She claimed, "We're the only company that brings it all to you." Um... I'm not sure I agree. HP's software business remains in decline, and even its SaaS business has been shrinking in a high-growth market. The company has done a strong job pushing servers into cloud data centers, but HP's networking business is hit-and-miss on revenue performance...

7. About That Breakup. Overall, HP's Whitman has done a strong job stabilizing the company ahead of a Nov. 1 breakup. But Wall Street and customers are still wondering: Will two HP's (HP Inc. for consumers; Hewlett-Packard Enterprise for business) really be more innovative than one?

6. Fully Booked: So much for a "relaxing" business trip. My schedule for Hadoop Summit (June 9-11) is packed with meetings. In fact, my briefings related to the conference start tomorrow (June 4). We'll be sure to offer a reality check on Hadoop adoption rates, customer feedback and more in the days ahead...

5. IoT Meets Apple: The first smart home devices that leverage Apple HomeKit software are debuting this week -- ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference next week. I'm not all that optimistic since smart home device makers will need to sort out developer and standards issues as they try to support Apple iOS and/or Google Android. Much in the way that I don't mind taking out a credit card (vs. using Apple Pay), I don't mind "exerting" myself when it comes time to turn off a light... 

4. Speaking of IoT: I realize consumers have led most of the recent IT waves, but I still think the Internet of Things is more about sensor networks and machine-to-machine computing in key vertical markets or industrial settings -- including the monitoring of medical systems, energy and transportation infrastructure, building management and plenty more... By the way, the global smart building market will enjoy a 12 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2019, Technavio predicts.

3. Tech News Today: In case you missed yesterday's episode -- where Mike Elgan and I cover Apple HomeKit; where Millennials get their news; a new rival to Siri and more -- you'll find it right here...


2. The Next Cloud Pricing Model: It's called microservices. Here's why.

June 9: Glint CEO Jim Barnett on measuring morale.

June 9: Glint CEO Jim Barnett on measuring morale.

1. Listen Up: Our latest podcast -- Episode 38 -- is now available. Clarizen CEO Avi Nowogrodski describes modern approaches to project management, especially as employees try to navigate structured and unstructured data. Don't forget: All of our podcast conversations, designed for I.T. entrepreneurs, are available here. And coming next week: Glint CEO Jim Barnett (pictured) on how to measure and improve employee morale.

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