5 Technology Observations: 25 June 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, gossip, rumors and chatter to start your day for Thursday, June 25, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items to sip on.

9. Facebook's Content Platform: I've got mixed views about Facebook's Instant Articles platform -- which publishers like The New York Times will use to pump content out to readers. The New York Times will pump 30 articles per day through that news feed and NBC News will offer 30 to 40 articles per day, The Wall Street Journal said. Publishers will keep 100 percent of the ads they sell on that network; or 70 percent of the revenue if Facebook sells the ad. The challenges: I'm intrigued but wonder how publishers will prevent Facebook from overrunning their feeds with Facebook-sold ads? Also, how will I (as the consumer) be able to only receive the alerts I want? The last thing I need is another pipeline filled with bad, unfiltered content (example: LinkedIn updates).

Datadog: Man's best friend... for Docker monitoring?

Datadog: Man's best friend... for Docker monitoring?

8. Docker Monitoring: The push beyond PC and server monitoring toward software and application monitoring continues. The latest example: Datadog, a startup we covered in January 2015, continues to enhance Docker monitoring -- helping customers to make sure their software containers -- and the applications within -- are running at peak performance.

7. Desktop as a Service: Another virtual desktop startup has emerged, thanks to HTML 5 technology. Check out Deskdoo, which allows you to create spreadsheets and edit documents right in your web browser. From giants like Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft VDI and VMware Horizon to startups like IndependenceIT, dozens of companies have been trying to transform your desktop into an on-demand cloud service with plenty of collaboration features. Much like the worlds of Box and Dropbox, I think consumers (rather than enterprises) will drive the DaaS market forward.

6. Location, Location, Implosion?: WeWork, which provides shared office space to tech startups and small companies, now has a $10 billion valuation -- up from a $1.5 billion valuation in early 2014, according to the Journal. Why am I concerned? It's simple: How many of those startups -- WeWork's paying customers -- will survive a tech correction? And how many of those startups will eventually realize that there's an alternative around every street corner... namely, free WiFi at Starbucks? Admittedly, I'm oversimplifying the market. WeWork fills an important niche. But I just don't think the niche deserves that big of a valuation.

5. Even Startups Get Disrupted: Roughly 50 percent of today's college students "want" to be entrepreneurs (key word: want). In order to avoid being disrupted by the disrupters, you need to "recruit employees that are committed to life-long learning," according to Jay Samit, author of the forthcoming book, Disrupt You! Good advice.  That sort of explains why Amy Katz and I dedicate each Friday to R&D... researching IT systems and platforms that didn't exist a year or so ago... Hmmm...

4. Conspiracy Theory: Did the Obama administration use loopholes to hide the severity of the recent Office of Personnel hack? It sure sounds that way. And as we all know: The cover-up is usually worse than the crime. And in this case, I still think the crime involves lack of basic patch management processes rather than any really sophisticated hack.

3. Big Data Funding: Redis Labs, which offers an in-memory NoSQL database service, raised $15 million in Series B funding. For an overview of the in-memory database market, check out Podcast 37 with MemSQL CEO Eric Frenkiel.

2. September and Beyond: Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself. NFL training camps open in mid-July. Last I heard, the first NFL regular season game is Sept. 10. I'm starting to think about how I'll re-organize my work week to fit TV coverage of the gridiron game... and some other grid work we'd potentially like to address...

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