5 Technology Observations: 24 June 2015

Good mid-morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, tarot card readings, and plenty more to start your day for Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves seven items to sip on.

Culture Club : IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Box CEO Aaron Levie make enterprise music together.

Culture Club: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Box CEO Aaron Levie make enterprise music together.

7. Box, IBM Partner: So, you want credibility with CIOs and enterprise customers? The obvious answer is to partner with IBM. That's exactly what Box is doing -- a rather impressive move considering all the privacy and security concerns related to file sync and sharing systems. Pundits say the IBM-Box relationship is all about analytics and big data (check Information Management for more details later today. Next up, I can imagine IBM connecting the dots between its Box and Apple relationships. Your move, Dropbox...

6. Apple IoT Misses the Mark: Is Apple's product and platform quality slipping? The early word on Apple HomeKit -- an Internet of Things (IoT) software development platform -- isn't all that great. Indeed, an Apple HomeKit Review in The Wall Street Journal suggests the platform "isn't reliable enough yet to get you talking to your connected home." Imagine if early reviews of other Apple platforms (iTunes, App Store, etc.) were similar. In some ways, Apple is starting to look like somewhat... average. Hmmm...

5. IPO is the Start, Not An Exit: That's the spin from Richie Hecker, CEO of Traction + Scale -- which focuses on value investing in digital media (hmmm.... .... ...). His other key insight: Just because you can go public that doesn't mean you should go public. Well said. I may weigh in with more thoughts later this year...

On Track:  Symantec CEO Michael Brown says the company breakup will occur on schedule.

On Track: Symantec CEO Michael Brown says the company breakup will occur on schedule.

4. Symantec Spin: Current CEO Michael Brown says the new Symantec isn't the old Symantec. Alas, sometimes perception is reality. And Symantec was perceived to be be late to mobile and cloud shifts for security and storage. And let's be clear: Security and storage were the two biggest early opportunities for mobile and cloud. The company still plans to break up into two operating businesses by Oct. 3, and the storage business (Veritas) will trade as its own stock by Jan. 2, 2016, Brown told the Journal. 

3. This Isn't An Exit, Either: Apparently, running out of money also isn't an exit. In fact, some fundraising models are dangerously flawed as IT companies burn through existing cash, according to Eric Paley. Hmmm... I may weigh in with more thoughts on this later this year.

2. Federal Government Fails Patch Management: The answer is pretty simple. Federal agencies fail to comply with Web application security standards 76 percent of the time, according to Veracode research and the pundits at re/code. Think of it this way: Before the federal government spends a penny on IT security hardware, software and monitoring services, it should actually focus on the basics: Pro-active patch management, which apparently is missing from 76 percent of the federal government's web applications.

1. Managing Unstructured Data: We tackle that -- and more -- in podcast Episode 41, featuring Exablox CEO Doug Brockett. And check out our complete podcast center with dozens of I.T. entrepreneurs describing business development, sales, marketing and financing strategies.

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