5 Technology Observations: 23 June 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, updates, summer cocktail recipes and plenty more to start your day for Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 10 items to sip on.

10. Keeping Up with The Zuckerberg's: Facebook is set to to launch new mobile ad formats pretty darn soon. At the same time, the social media site continues to promote Instant Articles -- which loads third-party news content up to 10 times faster than the mobile web. Amid those trends and others, Facebook seems to be displacing LinkedIn and Twitter as the social network for individual "business" users. But... I continue to watch ComLinked as the social network for business to business (as in, company to company) connections and interactions.

Edgy ads: Potentially offensive -- but very effective

Edgy ads: Potentially offensive -- but very effective

9. That's A Lot of Razors: Dollar Shave Club, one of my favorite subscription services, is now valued at $615 million. The service has 2 million members, and expects to generate more than $140 million in revenue this year. I don't know net income (i.e., loss) figures. Assuming Dollar Shave Club doesn't implode like a classic dot-com, the big loser in this story is... Gillette and those sky high blade prices that I pay no more...

8. Big Data Storm: Snowflake, a big data cloud startup, just raised $45 million in funding. The company, led by former Microsoft executive Bob Muglia, also announced its first cloud services this week. The company's simple spin: Put your data warehouse in the cloud. Stay tuned for more details on Information Management.

7. Docker's Big Day: Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others are partnering up to define a new standard for software containers. Those containers will help developers to move and manage applications across public and private clouds. Big Question? Why do we need "new" container standards when I thought Docker itself was a container standard?

Oracle's chairman declares war on Amazon's cloud.

Oracle's chairman declares war on Amazon's cloud.

6. Oracle Cloud vs Amazon AWS: Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison says the IT giant is preparing to prepare with Amazon on cloud pricing. Seriously? Apparently, yes. Ellison points to Oracle cloud storage services in particular, which are "one-tenth" Amazon's Glacier prices, he claims. I'm skeptical of the head-on competition -- Oracle has never been about long-term price wars -- but certainly see Oracle gaining momentum with its massive SaaS portfolio.

5. Misleading Statistic of the Day: Roughly 80 percent of small businesses can't find qualified candidates for their career openings, according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). But here's the thing. At least a portion of the hiring challenge involves employers -- not the candidates. The big question: How many of those small businesses have a lousy recruitment process?

4. See You Later Today: Just a reminder. I'll be co-anchoring Tech News Today with Mike Elgan at 1pm ET/10am PT. The live netcast (video and/or audio streaming) features top IT journalists discussing the news of the day -- without a scripted safety net...

3. Spy vs Spy: How's this for ironic... Conspiracy theorists sometimes wonder if Russian software contains dangerous code that allows a certain government to spy on the software's users. The answer is yes... but the government spy in the sky wasn't the Kremlin. Instead, the guilty party was the United States. Indeed, the US's NSA agency apparently hacked Kaspersky Labs' software to spy on folks who used the code...

2. Speaking of Spying: If you're going to check my LinkedIn profile regularly, can you at least disclose your name in the system? If I was paranoid, I'd feel like someone was spying on me... desperate to learn what I'm potentially doing next. My next big news involves this. As for After Nines Inc. CEO, her next big move likely involves this

Exablox CEO Doug Brockett

Exablox CEO Doug Brockett

1. Catch This Tonight: A quick reminder... Exablox CEO Doug Brockett describes the scale-out storage market this evening during our next podcast -- Episode 41 -- at 9:01 p.m. ET/6:01 p.m. PT. And don't forget to check out our archived podcasts -- which are designed to help IT entrepreneurs understand key business development trends across sales, marketing, funding, technology and more.

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