5 Technology Observations: 15 June 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, updates, rumors, gossip and plenty more to start your week for Monday, June 15, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 10 items to sip on.

10. Two Weeks: Yes, for most companies Q2 wraps up in two weeks. You could try to oversell your installed base to meet your lofty quotas. Or -- hopefully -- you've had reasonable sales goals all along and you're committed to long-term business relationships...

9. Kill the Mac?: Christopher Mims is urging Apple to do exactly that, in a bid to free the company of its past and to focus on future innovations. Um... why exactly would Apple want to alienate all of those satisfied Mac customers -- the very customers who buy into Apple's ecosystem extensions year after year (iTunes, iPhone, iPad... maybe Watch...).

8. There Is No SMB: Repeat after me. Small businesses are not the same as midsize businesses. More thoughts on that at a future date...

IT Entrepreneur Chuck Lennon

IT Entrepreneur Chuck Lennon

7. Best Wishes: To IT entrepreneur and industry pundit Chuck Lennon, who is set for Total Hip Replacement surgery on Wednesday, June 17. 

6. Mobile Death Rate: One in four mobile apps are abandoned after a single use, according to Localytics. Hmmm... If I was developing a mobile app I'd want to make sure it offered rich information that was constant updated with data you couldn't find anywhere else...

5. Next Road Trip: I'm considering a range of destinations for my next road trip. But the only one I've absolutely confirmed is Strata+Hadoop World -- Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in New York.

4. Security M&A: Eagle Eye Networks Founder Dean Drako has acquired Brivo -- an access control company -- for $50 million. The big push? Video surveillance and physical building security.

3. Where Cisco (And the US) Are Losing: The answer is China -- where government fears about foreign networking equipment are squeezing sales. To speed decisions, incoming Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins will depend on fewer executive leaders in China. But that won't solve the bigger issue: China doesn't trust US networking equipment, and the US government often doesn't trust networking equipment from China -- namely, Huawei.

Podcast Episode 40: Glint CEO Jim Barnett

Podcast Episode 40: Glint CEO Jim Barnett

2. Join me: Our next podcast (Episode 40), featuring Glint CEO Jim Barnett, debuts Tuesday, June 16 at 9:01 p.m. ET. Barnett will explain how businesses can more effectively measure employee morale, and then rally the team around specific missions, projects and deadlines.

1. What Comes After Hadoop?: Keep a close eye on this week's Spark Summit in San Francisco. The startup to watch is Databricks -- sort of the Red Hat of the Spark open source movement. Databricks is positioning itself for data scientists and engineers that want to run big data applications on low-cost server clusters. IBM and Intel will be at the event in full-force -- meaning you should expect some surprises between the upstart industry and established IT giants. In some ways, Spark potentially succeeds Hadoop. In others, it works with Hadoop...

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