The Next Small Business Management Dashboard: Dasheroo?

I've often blogged about "single dashboard" systems that track all of your IT infrastructure. But what about a single dashboard that tracked your entire business performance -- from CRM and sales to social media, web analytics and more?

That's where Dasheroo enters the picture. Based in San Francisco, Calif. and Austin, Texas, the company develops a single cloud-based dashboard for managing all types of data. Integrated data streams include Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Vertical Response, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and plenty more.

So far, roughly 1,700 users across more than 70 countries have adopted Dasheroo -- not exactly a huge figure on the user side, but the company is just getting started.

Indeed, Dasheroo just raised $3.25 million in Series A funding, led by Cloud Apps Capital Partners. The company's pricing model offers a tip of the hat to Starbucks:

  • Tall (Free): For small businesses to get started. Offers 30 days of data and 4 dashboards.
  • Grande ($25 per month): Coming soon. For growing businesses and teams. Offers 6 months of data for viewing and more.
  • Venti ($75 per month): Coming soon. For unlimited users and one year of data viewing.
  • For agencies and large enterprises, Dasheroo is telling customers to check in directly with the company for pricing.

Some of the Dasheroo team members previously built Vertical Response, an email marketing and social media marketing platform that Deluxe Corp. acquired in 2013.

What About Finance and accounting?

I'm curious to see if Dasheroo begins to connect the dots between customer management (already in place), social media (already in place) and financial/accounting platforms like Intuit (missing link?). In theory, that would allow small businesses to see ROI patterns based on a mashup of customer, social and financial data...

I'm also a bit wary anytime a company tries to build a "single" dashboard that gathers data from all relevant sources. Maintaining all of those integrations can get tricky. Plus, the user can ultimately suffer from information overload...

Still, Dasheroo has raised that fresh Series A funding. And I like their business concept. We're checking in with the company to see what other info they can share at the present time.

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