5 Technology Observations: 7 May 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, rumors, and predictions based on a mix of analytics and horoscopes to start your day for Thursday, May 7, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 10 items.

10. Small Business Loans: Yes, PayPal has increased loan sizes for small business lending. The top loan figure is now $85,000 -- up from the earlier $65,000 limit. If you're a small business owner, you can borrow up to 15 percent of your business's annual revenues. Speaking of PayPal, After Nines Inc. is waiting on a payment from a Fortune 100 technology company. But that's a blog for another day -- and we do appreciate the engagement...

9. European Concerns: If you're building an type of technology company that has European ambitions, keep a close on on the European Union's regulation plan -- called Digital Agenda Europe 2020. The plan aims to bolster the European tech scene -- but also includes proposals that could hurt Amazon, Google and Facebook. The US tech market has widely slammed the plan. But here's the irony. If the regulations ever get approved, I suspect the US tech scene will have already moved onto the Next Big Thing...

8. IT Monitoring Meets Docker: New Relic has launched Docker monitoring capabilities, allowing IT experts to remotely monitor and manage the software containers...

7. Rewiring AMD: AMD CEO Lisa Su says the chip maker plans to do fewer things -- while doing each remaining item better. Sounds a bit like Steve Jobs' thinking when he first returned to Apple. Jobs essentially repositioned Apple hardware around a four-box grid: (1) Consumer High End, (2) Consumer Low End, (3) Corporate High End and (4) Corporate Low End. We'll be watching to see how Su simplifies AMD.

6. Join Me Today: I'm co-anchoring Tech News Today with Mike Elgan at 1pm ET/10am PT today. Just for this week, my Tuesday guest spot shifted to Thursday (today) so that I could attend EMC World.

5. Surprise Deposit: The Provident Bank of New Jersey suffered a software upgrade glitch over the weekend -- triggering extra deposits to about 2,500 customer accounts -- or about 2 percent of the bank's deposit base. The bank expects the glitch to be cleared up by today (Thursday), waiving overdraft charges and other fees that customers may have suffered amid the glitch, according to The Wall Street Journal.

4. Triple Play: EMC has inked OpenStack partnerships with Red Hat, Mirantis and Canonical. Smart moves. During EMC World this week, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz said open source was about building community -- rather than offering free software. And the fastest way for EMC and Pivotal to prove that they're serious about open source is to work with key leaders in that space. Red Hat remains the corporate open source champion; Mirantis is the leading OpenStack consulting company; and Canonical has a strong brand among desktop and cloud server Linux customers.

3. Got Clout?: If you want to build a successful conference, you either need (A) a big budget to pay for big-name speakers or (B) lots of clout to attract big-name speakers without paying a fee. The Code Conference (May 26-28, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.) falls into Category B.  Confirmed speakers include Apple Watch Chief Jess Williams, GM CEO Mary Barra, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti and plenty more. Former Wall Street Journal Tech Editor Walt Mossberg is among Code's co-founders. Hence, Code's clout.

2. Next Road Trip: After spending a few days listening and learning at this week's EMC World conference in Las Vegas, I'm now back home. After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz and I anxiously await another code drop for some projects we're working on. But I'm also contemplating another road trip. It may involve a massive elephant... Too soon to say....

1. Reminder: After Nines Inc. does not blog or distribute a newsletter on Friday, which allows us to put aside the day for R&D and plenty more. We'll be back with more content on Monday, May 11.

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