So, I Woke Up in Las Vegas

I traveled to Las Vegas on business several dozens times from 1992 to 2013. Then, not once in 2014. Amid a career change and a commitment to spend far more time with my family, I remained largely off the road for the past 12 months. But now, I'm easing my way back into business travel.

In a past life, my business travel involved the following schedule:

  • Blog live from conference sessions.
  • Speak with executives on background during after-hours.
  • Blog all night about that gossip.
  • Attend more sessions.
  • Return home and collapse for the weekend, too fried to really connect with my wife and kids.

Amy Katz, my business partner, lived a similar schedule on the road.

  • Non-stop business meetings by day.
  • Run the business by night.
  • Heck, she even negotiated an M&A deal for our previous company while on the road.

Different Company, Different Strategy

This time around, life is a bit different while we build After Nines Inc. Neither Amy nor I want to get back into the 24-hour "blog" business. Plus, our kids are heading into their middle school and high school years. In short, it's a great time to be off the road with our respective spouses and kids.

And yet, we're enjoying the After Nines Inc. business buildout. And that will require some travel. Listening. Learning. And listening some more during conferences and private meetings.

During our previous startup, we were mostly a two-person shop until we recruited some great talent into the business about 18 months into the journey. This time around, with our current business, it's going to take a different sort of village-like effort to really get the business going.

Quick Math

That doesn't mean we're gearing up to make a round of hires. But we're  thinking about the right business relationships. We've got 50 ideas on where to take the business in Q3 2015. Another 50 ideas in Q4 2015. And plenty more after that. That may sound like scattered thinking. But trust me... there's a potential method to our long-term madness -- if we can just build the right platform upon which to run everything...

In the meantime, I'm back in Las Vegas. Older. Balder. And genuinely pacing myself. With some luck, I'll be a functioning father and husband when I return home later this week. In the meantime, conference sessions await me...

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