Rackspace's Startup Investment; Plus 6 Other Tech Newbies Raising Money

It's a familiar conversation: Can one company give you a single cloud management dashboard -- to help you manage services across all of the major clouds? Rackspace, under pressure to reinvent itself, hopes to fill that cross-cloud management void. 

Indeed, the company has invested in ScaleFT, a San Francisco-based startup that just raised $800,000 in seed funding. ScaleFT makes authentication software that could make it easier for approved users to access specific cloud services and apps. It's part of a larger push to transform Rackspace into a management platform provider for all of the major clouds.

Still, competition looms everywhere. As we've pointed out, numerous companies now offer cross-cloud management tools. And Rackspace's own core business isn't growing as fast as investors had hoped -- especially as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud continue to gain momentum vs. the smaller players. 

Already, HP has said it won't compete head-on against Amazon in the IaaS market. I wonder if Rackspace will eventually say the same thing -- especially as Rackspace continues to introduce more and more cross-cloud management tools.

More Dollars and Cents

Oh, and by the way, ScaleFT wasn't the only tech startup raising money in recent days. Here are six others to note:

1. Cyber adAPT (Half Moon Bay, Calif.), a real-time threat detection platform provider, raised $4.1 million in Series A funding led by multiple companies.

2. Dopay (London, UK), focused on payroll and cash management services, raised $2 million in seed funding from multiple backers.

3. Mnubo (Montreal), focused on the Internet of Things and data analytics, raised $6 million in Series A funding led by White Star Capital. 

4. Officevibe (Montreal, Canada), which develops an employee engagement platform, raised $1 million in seed funding led by GSoft Ventures.

5. Omada (Copenhagen, Denmark), which specializes in identity and access management, has recied a $24 million minority equity investment from C5 Capital.

6. Silversheet (Los Angeles), which develops healthcare administration software, raised $2.9 million in seed funding led by Upfront Ventures.

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