5 Technology Observations: 7 April 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, rumors, gossip, chatter, and confidential wire intercepts to start your day for Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves eight items.

8. IPO Concerns: Q1 2015 was a weak one for IPOs -- the quarter delivered the lowest number of IPOs in two years. Does that mean trouble for venture capitalists that have locked up millions of dollars in startups? 

7. Box, Dropbox... And Adobe?: Yes, Adobe's new Document Cloud is now available to all interested users. And this isn't just a consumer push. Adobe Senior VP Mike Dillon -- an attorney -- explains how Document Cloud can help the legal sector to spend more time with clients and less time with paper. Adobe also points to a range of Document Cloud customers and partners. As for me... I'm looking for fewer cloud storage options. Not more. But the competition should help to drive continued innovation.

6. Mr. Android Goes Hardware: Andy Rubin, one of Google Android's key caretakers, has launched Playground -- an incubator focused on hardware for consumers and corporations. One can safely guess that Playground, backed by $48 million, will zero in on mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) opportunities.

5. How to Work With Accelerators: You're running a startup business that's "on the edge of a breakthrough." So, you seek out and sign up for an accelerator  program -- a coaching and mentoring organization to drive you even faster toward success. But how do you embrace and navigate interactions with an accelerator? Dave Ciccarelli offers some great advice for navigating the accelerator relationship.

4. See You Later Today: I'm set to host Tech News Today with Mike Elgan at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT today. Some surprise guests are set to join us.

3. And Tune In Tonight: Our latest podcasts (likely a two-for-Tuesday this time around) debut tonight at 9:01 p.m. ET/6:01 p.m. PT. Check out Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs for Episode 29 and maybe even Episode 30 -- featuring a conversation with Tracy Houston (advice on building your board of directors) plus an update from Silicon Harlem, the folks who are driving business, community and tech development in one of New York's most vibrant communities.

2. Hack Of the Century: I finally sat down to watch The Imitation Game -- which is loosely based on Alan Turing and a team of cryptanalysts that cracked a complex German code during World War II. Great move -- despite some of the poetic license that Hollywood took with the story. 

1. There Has Been An Awakening: Have you felt it? If not, perhaps you will by April 10. Indeed, all six Star Wars movies are finally coming to digital stores -- iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, XBox Video and Google Play -- on April 10. And an early heads up: I'm on vacation Dec. 18, 2015, which means I won't be blogging that day for this site... or any other sites that potentially emerge by that time.

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