5 Technology Observations: 22 April, 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, rumors, career moves, classic TV jingles (or not) and plenty more to start your day for Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 10 items.

10. Office 365 Encryption, RSA Conference: Microsoft has introduced Customer Lockbox -- a stronger encryption and privacy service for Office 365 cloud applications. Microsoft unveiled the technology at the RSA Security Conference, where the IT security industry is essentially conceding that they haven't done enough to protect corporate networks and consumer privacy. 

9. Microsoft Embraces Apple Watch: Yes, you'll be able to control PowerPoint slides from your Apple Watch. While I doubt I'll ever use Apple Watch and PowerPoint in tandem, there's a bigger story here. It involves Microsoft's commitment to make sure it's apps are cross-platform during the early stages of a technology's adoption. Under former CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft was often late to third-party platform -- and often skipped the cross-platform party entirely.

8. Cabletron Reunion?: Anybody else remember Cabletron Systems -- the colorful, aggressive networking company that competed with Cisco Systems in the 1990s? I'm hearing chatter about Cabletron co-founder and former CEO S. Robert Levine apparently investing in a startup that wants to revolutionize the MySQL database market. I don't think Oracle (MySQL's owner) is involved. But fellow Cabletron veteran Mike Skubisz could be involved...

7. Three Secrets to Startup Success: Mulesoft Founder Ross Mason says startup success often requires three core components. (1) Stay together -- keep the startup team under one roof. (2) Stay smart and don't take more funding than you need. And (3) stay focused -- don't try to build a $100 billion company. Instead, focus on solving one core customer problem. After Nines Inc. can't adhere to item 1 -- we tend to be work-from-home folks. But we're focused like a laser on items 2 and 3.

6. LogMeIn Veteran's Next Move: I'm also hearing chatter about LogMeIn veteran Les Yetton shifting his focus toward MySQL scalability. Yetton most recently led LogMeIn's IoT initiative -- called Xively.

5. VMware: The virtualization company's latest quarterly results show the slowest revenue growth in about two years. Still, VMware's earnings exceeded Wall Street's projections. The big question: Can VMware translate its software defined data center (SDDC) strategy into strong revenue growth that upends entrenched rivals like Cisco Systems along the way? The jury is still out.

4. Google Wireless: Imagine a cellular world where you only pay for the data you use. That's Google's plan for a new wireless service -- which will leverage Sprint and T-Mobile networks. But at least for now, you'll need a Google Nexus 6 phone to use the service, The Wall Street Journal reported. Google is expected to share deeper details as soon as today.

3. Spilling the Beans: OK, I'll end the suspense. Levine (item 8 above) apparently is an early investor in Deep Information Sciences, a MySQL scalability engine that just raised $8 million. Plus, Yetton (Item 6) is now Deep's CEO. And Skubisz (item 8) is VP of product management, according to his LinkedIn profile. Yetton shares Deep's strategy in a special podcast (Episode 33) this morning.

2. Career Opportunities?: Several executives who are indirect sales masters are seeking new career opportunities. Their voicemails to my inbox started last Friday and continued this week. The common theme: They're looking to join growth companies. If you've got opportunities I've got candidates... Feel free to email: Joe@AfterNines.com.

1. Circle the Date: It's finally official. The next NFL season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 10 -- with Pittsburgh facing New England, according to official schedules released yesterday. Like just about every other middle aged "kid," I wish I could step back on the field at least one more time. Surely, there must be a different way to get back in the game...

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