5 Technology Observations: 21 April 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, rumors, chatter, gossip, and plenty more to start your day for Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 14 items.

14. IBM's Results: Is the glass half-full or half empty? IBM's quarterly revenues fell for the 12th straight quarter, but demand for the company's cloud, analytics and mainframe technologies certainly surged. The most relevant figure -- at least in my mind: IBM's cloud revenues (for offerings delivered as a service) reached a $3.8 billion annual run rate, up from $2.3 billion in the corresponding quarter last year. On a related note, here's an updated look at how IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is striving to transform the company.

13. SAP Results: Those arrived this morning. Amid continued challenges in the company's core software business, SAP's cloud subscriptions and support revenues more than doubled for the quarter. 

12. More Results: ARM Holdings, VMware and Yahoo are expected to report results later today.

11. BuzzFeed Caves to Advertisers: Not a good sign. BuzzFeed from time to time has deleted editorial content after facing pressure from its sales team. When it comes to the separation of church (editorial content) and state (advertising), I tend not to panic over the market's evolution. Over time, readers learn whom they can truly trust...

10. Google Mobilegeddon: It arrived today. Were you a victim? The answer depends on whether your website is optimized for mobile visitors. If not, your Google search rankings will likely plummet starting today -- based on a new Google algorithm that rewards mobile-optimized websites. Google announced the mobile algorithm change back on February 26 -- alerting companies to make updates in time for the April 21 deadlines. Roughly half of Fortune 500 companies were not ready for the change as of early April, according to TechCrunch.

9. What Goes Up...: Startup funding has hit a 15-year high and valuations have set a record, according to The Wall Street Journal. I've written the following opinion a few dozen times since September 2015: We are in a tech startup valuation bubble...

8. Join Me Tonight 9:01pm ET: For podcast Episode 31 -- featuring Wowza Media Systems CEO Dave Stubenvoll. We discuss the evolving world of streaming video -- including Meerkat, Periscope and Wowza'a own streaming technology for businesses of all sizes.

7. Does IT Support Require A College Degree?: Some new research raises some interesting findings. More details later today.

6. Box Judgment Day Approaching?: A rather dramatic headline in The New York Times suggests Box is facing a "Make-or-Break" moment with its cloud-based file sharing services. I tend to agree. The big wild card: Many CEOs of startups didn't live through the dot-com implosion (2000-2001)... And many of us who did survive that implosion think another IT market correction has got to be coming.

5. Join Me 1pm ET Today: For Tech News Today with Mike Elgan and several mystery guests. I co-anchor the live show every Tuesday.

4. Rethinking MySQL: What if there was a way to turbo charge your MySQL installed base -- making the database far more flexible and scalable for modern big data, mobile, social and cloud projects? I will share more details on April 22. I can't guarantee that the stealth technology works as advertised -- but I suspect plenty of MySQL customers will want to check here for details.

3. Fresh Funding: Tech startups raising money include...

  • Bringhub (Los Angeles), an e-commerce platform provider, raised $1.8 million from multiple backers.
  • CoinTent (San Francisco), which offers a micropayment platform that allows publishers to sell individual articles, raised $1 million in funding from multiple backers. My question: How is this different from so many WordPress plugins?
  • Inturn (New York), focused on retail technology for buying and selling excess inventory, has raised $3.6 million in funding led by Forerunner Ventures. PS: What a great company name -- short for Inventory Turn.
  • Recorded Future (Somerville, Mass.), which develops a threat intelligence analytics platform, raised $12 million in Series D funding led by Reed Elsevier Ventures.
  • Tray.IO (United Kingdom), which has a platform for SaaS integrations, raised $2.2 million in seed funding led by True Ventures.

2. Amazon's Cloud Revenues: We'll finally know the real revenue numbers for Amazon Web Services when the company announces quarterly results on April 23. From that day forward, the entire cloud market will likely benchmark business performance vs. AWS's confirmed revenues, growth rates and margins.

1. Missing: After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz is off the grid this week. Wonder what she's up to... And is this a final chance to relax before our next business push arrives in the second half of 2015? Hmmm...

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