5 Technology Observations: 2 April 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, classic hymns, and chatter to start your day for Thursday, April 2, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves nine items.

9. Apparently, We've Learned Nothing:  Tech employees, desperate to buy homes in Northern California, are making purchase offers that now include... wait for it... stock options. Pundits keep telling me today's IT startup market -- with pumped-up valuations -- is not the same as the dot-com bubble. I still beg to differ.

8. Getting Ahead of Ourselves?: GoDaddy shares jumped roughly 30 percent during the company's IPO yesterday. As I mentioned ahead of the IPO, After Nines Inc. roots for GoDaddy because we're a customer. But a 30 percent bump? An Ernst & Young exec told Re/Code that GoDaddy is hot because (A) it's growing and (B) it's cash flow positive. Imagine that: Celebrating an 18-year-old company because it's cash flow positive. Sounds a bit irrational, no? 

7. Accelerators 101: Yesterday, we mentioned the top 20 accelerators (item 1 here) -- organizations that fund and mentor startups. Several readers asked me for more details about how exactly accelerators work. My advice: Check out The Accelerators blog, featuring a range voices on the topic.  

6. Fantastic App: My son's high school football games -- every down, every play -- are available on Hudl, a cloud-based video platform that allows athletes and coaches to study game film. Apparently, I'm not the only Hudl fan. The company has raised $72.5 million in venture funding to push video technology out to more coaches, athletes -- and fanatical parents.

5. Healthy Outlook: IBM and Apple are expected to make more mobile app announcements at HIMSS, the major healthcare conference (April 12-16, Chicago). If you're trying to better understand IT trends in the healthcare market, HIMSS is the place to be.

4. Read Between the Lines: A key Cisco Systems executive has been speaking to a research firm about the company's networking business vs. white boxes. Was it CEO John Chambers? Nope. President Robert Lloyd? Wrong again. The answer is Senior VP Chuck Robbins -- still my early pick to be Cisco's next CEO... if Chambers ever retires.

3. Speaking of Cisco: The company has acquired Embrane -- a software-based firewall and load balancer specialist. Watch for synergies between Embrane and Cisco's Insieme (software-defined networking) business to emerge rapidly. Really rapidly.

2. Can You Believe...: This is my job? Yes, this blog entry. The one you're reading now. Not a bad way (at least for me) to start each day. Thanks for starting it with me. (And for sticking around to see what else After Nines Inc. may eventually build...).

1. Closed Friday: After Nines Inc. will be closed on Friday, April 3. No blog updates. No newsletter. We'll be back Monday, April 6. 

Today's photo inspiration: I'm confirmed to chaperone my son's field trip to the Bronx Zoo in June. I've lived in New York my entire life but have never been to the zoo...

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