What Are We Gonna Do? Road Trip

Katy. Flounder. Neidermeyer. Babs. Otis Day. All under the same roof -- somewhere in New England -- within the next few weeks? That calls for a road trip.

The tip-off arrived in an email from an old friend this past weekend. The sender was Doc -- a mentor, media pro, entrepreneur and friend. The subject line: "Do you mind if we dance with your dates?"

Doc knows I've been off the road for about a year. No tech conferences. No live blogging from keynote presentations. No late-night rumor mongering. But the longer I remained off the road, the more I started to wonder: "I won't go schizo, will I?"

Doc's reply: "It's a distinct possibility." 

I told Doc my traveling days were over.

Doc's reply: "What? Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No!"

Hmmm... Doc was starting to make a lot of sense. But what exactly did he have in mind? A road trip to the Food King? 

No, he had something far better in mind. Much better: An exclusive screening of Animal House, followed by a real-life reunion with Katy, Flounder, Neidermeyer, Babs... and Otis Day.

Otis, my man. I'll see you there on April 25.

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