5 Technology Observations: 14 April 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news insights, updates, views, perspectives and rumors to start your day for Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 11 items.

11. Regulate or Innovate?: How's this for backward reasoning... If you miss a technology wave, you should introduce government regulations to suffocate the market leaders and breathe new life into your own efforts. That seems to be what European Union Digital Commissions Gunther Oettinger is saying about the current cloud and Internet landscape -- where Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are dominant... The EU claims Internet platforms are becoming proprietary. But for the most part, isn't the Internet open -- thanks to WiFi, Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML and other standards?

10. Doctors Finally On Time?: DrChrono, which makes a top electronic health record (EHR) platform for iPads, is extending its physician software to Apple Watch. Forget about the health benefits. How about productivity benefits if medical appointments actually start and end on time?

9. HP Cloud Statement: Too Late, Too Polished: Last week, many IT media pundits suggested that HP was completely exiting the public cloud business.  Most of the April 7 and April 8 media reports were wrong. Of course, the media deserves blame for the error. But HP's official response didn't arrive until April 13.  And that official HP statement buries the controversy in its second paragraph. Too bad. HP had the opportunity to hijack the erroneous IT media discussion, move it onto HP.com, and clean up the confusion. Instead, the company moved far too slowly and took nearly a week to issue an overly crafted response.

8. The Real Winner: Nokia (the telecom equipment company) is negotiating to buy Alcatel-Lucent. Assuming the deal happens, I see one big potential winner... Cisco Systems Inc. -- which frequently takes market share from legacy telecom equipment makers that get bogged down in big M&A deals. The potential Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent combo is not related to Microsoft's 2014 buyout of Nokia handsets and smartphones.

7. Stop Blaming Windows XP: Intel will announce quarterly results later today. The chip giant back in March issued an earnings warning -- blaming small businesses for slow PC upgrade cycles from Windows XP. But here's the irony: The old Windows upgrade cycle is dead. It's no longer "automatic" for small business owners to upgrade their Windows machines each time a new generation of software or hardware arrives. The cloud and mobile crushed that upgrade cycle -- forcing Microsoft to introduce products like Office 365 and Surface. Time for Intel to face the same reality -- and perhaps fix its mobile chip business.

6. Another Awakening Coming: The next Star Wars movie trailer will likely debut on April 16 at the Star Wars Celebration conference. Reminder: Half of the After Nines Inc. executive team will be on vacation on Dec. 18, 2015...

5. How to Monetize Data: After Nines Inc. has spent a lot of time studying that question. And we're watching for emerging trends in the data-driven market. The latest involves Twitter, which is adjusting how customers and partners plug into the Twitter Data Ecosystem. So much data. So much noise. So many shiny opportunities to chase...

4. See You Today: Join Mike Elgan, me and surprise guests at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT for Tech News Today

3. And Tune In Tonight: Our next podcast, Episode 31, features Qubole CEO Ashish Thusoo discussing Hadoop and big data in the cloud. The conversation is especially timely, considering so many customers are evaluating so many different paths to Hadoop as a Service. Tune in at 9:01 p.m. ET/6:01 p.m. PT for our podcast discussion.

2. HealthTech: At HIMSS 2015 -- the major IT healthcare conference this week in Chicago -- multiple mergers and acquisitions have surfaced. Plus, IBM and Apple have announced new mobile and cloud data efforts -- including Watson Health Cloud. If you're an healthcare IT entrepreneur who missed this year's event, put HIMSS 2016 on your schedule.

1. Double-Secret Probation?: Actually, it's more of a road trip. Here are the early details.

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