5 Technology Observations: 10 April 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology observations, insights, gossip, random thoughts and industry whispers to start your day for Friday, April 10, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves seven items.

7. Earliest Adopter: David Courbanou, a blogger and IT support pro with whom I worked a few years back, ordered his Apple Watch two minutes after Apple started accepting orders last night/early this morning. The reward for his fast order entry? Apple is expected to send him the smartwatch sometime in May (2015, I assume). If you didn't make your purchase yet, I suspect you can't have an Apple Watch on your wrist (or on your collector shelf) until at least June...

6. This Is Really, Really Big: It's called Amazon Machine Learning. Basically, it's a new cloud service that allows developers to transform "models" into "predictions" -- helping you build predictive models for fraud detection, content personalization, customer churn and more. In other words, Amazon is putting big data into everyone's hands -- and then empowering you to leverage that data to make far better business decisions. 

5. EMC Buying Brocade?: That's the rumor... but it's not really a rumor. Instead, it's purely speculation from Wall Street pundits who keep wondering -- out loud -- what EMC will do next. So, the latest chatter involves EMC buying Brocade. But again, it's pure speculation that should not be considered an M&A rumor. Still, we're happy to stir the pot a bit -- especially ahead of EMC World (May 4-7, Las Vegas). 

4. Eat Up: By the way, if you're attending EMC World or heading to Las Vegas anytime soon, check out Mr. Mammas for breakfast. The owner is a former football player from the Detroit area, as best I can recall. Great food, great service, great prices... and great portions. 

3. Catch Me On the Road?: I plan to attend NY TechDay (a massive gathering of IT startups) on April 23. I'll also surface at Amazon's AWS Summit on July 9 in New York. Some other events will likely hit my schedule in May. Hmmm... and perhaps September 2015. If you'd like to potentially catch up face to face at a conference, drop me an email (Joe@AfterNines.com).

2. (Un)done Deal: Apparently, Intel has ended buyout talks with Altera, the specialized chip maker. Ironically, the talks fell apart just as IDC and Gartner said PC industry sales are weaker than expected -- yet again. Frankly, I don't see Microsoft's Windows 10 launch (slated for later this year) as a PC market savior. Friendly reminder: Wasn't the big Windows XP refresh cycle supposed to save the PC market?

1. Mobile Alert: If you manage Web content or have a Web site (surely... your company has a website), put April 21 on your calendar. That's when Google will update its search algorithm to further reward mobile-friendly sites. On the one hand, After Nines Inc. doesn't have to worry too much about Google algorithm changes since we're not (cough, cough) really (ahem) a mobile digital company (hmmm...). But... if we did have longer-term mobile ambitions we'd surely be aware of Google's algorithm update...

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