My Three Favorite Teds...

I heard from one of my three favorite Teds yesterday. What did he say, and how does he rank compared to my other two favorite Teds? Here's the update.

First, the big picture... in no particular order my three favorite Teds are...

  1. TED Talks: The conference.
  2. Ted Roller: A longtime IT industry source of mine. A friend, indeed.
  3. Ted Baxter: Or is that Ted Knight? 

Honorable mentions go to:

  • Ted Cassidy: You rang?
  • Ted Danson: My favorite barkeep.
  • Teddy Roosevelt: He and I are neighbors on Long Island. His house just got a multimillion dollar upgrade. Mine didn't.
  • Ted Hendricks: Linebacker, Oakland Raiders... back when being a Raider meant something.

Not a Fan:

  • Ted Williams: Played for the wrong team.
  • Ted Nugent: I support his right to free speech. But I don't have to listen.

About that Call

So, one of those Teds gave me an unsolicited "check in" call yesterday. We compared notes in terms of the past, present and future of IT. Then he asked how the After Nines Inc. Erector Set is coming along. Actually, I prefer the Lego metaphor but I certainly followed his train of thought.

And in terms of Legos, you know how painful it is to step on one in your bare feet? After Nines Inc. has experienced some of that in recent weeks. Just when we think we've snapped the right piece into place, it doesn't play nicely with some other components on the grid...

I guess the point of the call and this blog is this: I'm still not quite sure where I'm heading. And Ted doesn't really know where After Nines Inc. is heading, either. But Amy Katz and I really appreciate the fact that friends and industry pundits keep walking past the construction site and peeking through the fence -- trying to figure out exactly what we're piecing together.

Thanks for the call, Ted. Oh, and I forgot to ask: Is this the year the Raiders really turn it around?