Our Latest Journey Toward Recurring Revenue

If you looked into After Nines Inc.'s finances, you'd discover that the vast majority of our initial revenues involve one-time fees. But that's gonna change. Yes, we're gearing up to take the familiar journey toward recurring revenues.

The journey won't be easy. We certainly value consulting and project engagements. And it's easy to get hooked on project-related revenue -- especially if you value your clientele engagements the way we do. 

Still, we know a thing or two about recurring revenues and subscription models. And we certainly value the predictable cash flow they deliver -- if you manage to launch the right subscription models.

So, we're faced with a careful balancing act:

  • Take on only the right projects (with valued clientele) to get the business started and fund R&D.
  • But don't get addicted to the project work -- because we need to focus ample time on those R&D efforts.
  • Stay focused on delighting our consulting clientele -- instead of suddenly focusing too much of our energy on that R&D.

Folks keep asking what formalized products or services we may offer. We dropped some hints in January 2015, then again in February and yet again in early March 2015. We're either making a lot of progress... or I'm stalling for time -- and clueless about our direction.

The fact is: We're not building a product. We're building a platform -- similar to how Apple had to first build Apple iOS (platform) before it considered what Apps to offer on the platform. (Side note: I am not suggesting we are the next Apple.) And the platform will be designed to support recurring revenues.

Data Gathering Mode

The next clue? The platform will be data-intensive. Does that mean we're getting into the big data business? I don't think so. But we do have our arms and ears open -- reaching out to the right people and markets to gather the right data today...

The latest data delivery hit After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz's inbox earlier this week. Actually, it was her traditional mailbox. Of course, that raw data is worthless. But what if we can actually transform the data into valuable business information that you crave -- on a recurring basis? Now that would be interesting for all parties involved.

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