Teach Your Children Well

So, my offhand comment about kids not appreciating classic rock (March 25, Item 1) triggered quite a response. Among the best: An email from David Powell, an I.T. entrepreneur who has influenced many of my tech and business views over the years. Now, Powell is influencing my parenting tactics as well.

Powell's son... with classic rock surely playing on the PA system.

Powell's son... with classic rock surely playing on the PA system.

Powell's email to me, in part, stated: "When my son went to high school, I made him a playlist of songs that he should be able to identify only by the riff or groove.  Everything from Purple Haze, to Back in Black, to Where the Streets Have no Name, to the dirty bass groove at the start of California Love by Tupac. I thought it was my job to increase his “cultural IQ”."

Listen Up

To reinforce the point, Powell built a classic rock playlist that is now required listening for his son's Junior Varsity Lacrosse team. "[My son] is a lacrosse player and while I never played growing up, I’ve learned the game and now I’m the JV lacrosse coach at his high school.  I created a playlist to give the kids some “culture”.  They actually have really taken to it.  We play it during practice a good bit.  The parents hanging around the practice facility, with this blasting on the PA, certainly approve."

So what's on the playlist? Here's the rundown:

Thanks for sharing, as usual, David.

Two of my sons are back on the lacrosse field this spring season. And yes, they're well-schooled in classic rock thanks to an aging (but timeless) CD collection in my home office. 

The kids are, indeed, all right.

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