Six Months Into the After Nines Journey

I've got writer's block. And portions of our business are in a holding pattern as we wait for another round of code from our development team. Six months into my latest journey as an entrepreneur, I'm getting anxious. Time for a reality check: Sometimes, startup life isn't all that glamorous. 

Our week started on a decidedly down note. CEO Amy Katz (aka my business partner) had a pipe burst in her house. The flood damage has turned her home life upside down, though she remains upbeat as ever -- focusing on the fact that her family remains a-okay amid the ordeal. 

As the week continued, we received some code from our developers -- a great team, no doubt. But the code didn't quite match our vision. So we're in revision mode. Some tweaks here, some polish there. I know it will all work out fine. Actually, far better than fine. It will be great. But I hate the waiting game. Hate it.

For a small business, we're already managing multiple moving parts. Several consulting gigs that we deeply value. An outsourced website that has actually been a joy to manage. And lots of research to help shape our own software development for the long haul.

And therein resides the key term: Long haul. Amy and I are thinking far longer-term than we ever have before. One of our former managers, Sanjay Mutha, once gave me a piece of advice that went something like this: Rough, turbulent days will come and go. When a bad day does come, make sure you keep your eyes and your ship focused on the distant horizon -- your long-term destination. 

When you focus on long-term success, the short term waves and turbulence don't feel quite so intense, he told me. Good advice.

Onward. For the long haul. 

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