Fresh Funding: Microsoft, Salesforce Both Invest In...

Microsoft and are investing in the same technology startup. But that's not all. A range of tech startups have scored new funding from venture capitalists, angels and private equity firms. Here's a look at the latest deals.

1. Conversa (San Rafael, Calif.), which develops a patient relationship management platform, has raised $2.5 million in seed money from multiple angel investors. The company's spin: Digital checkups that keep you in touch with your doctor between visits.

2. Dataminr (New York), a real-time information discovery specialist, has raised $130 million -- with multiple companies leading the round. 

3. Darktrace (Cambridge, U.K.), a cybersecurity startup, has raised $18 million in new funding. Autonomy founder Mike Lynch's investment company is among Darktrace's financial backers. Darktrace claims its security platform mimics the human immune system in an enterprise IT setting. Reminder: Still no cures for the common cold... and humans who click on phishing links. 

4. DriveStream (Sterling, Va.), focused on Oracle cloud applications integration, has received a $5 million investment from Wipro. PS: Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says the company booked $200 million in new cloud revenues (annualized) in the company's latest quarter. Surely, Drivestream is assisting some customers with those deployments....

5. InsideSales (Provo, Utah), which makes software that predicts when people are most likely to buy, has raised $60 million from such companies as Salesforce and Microsoft. Side note: Some pundits think Microsoft and Salesforce are putting aside their competitive differences. Sure, the companies are finally cooperating on a range of interoperability efforts. But they're competing as fiercely as ever -- the same way that Oracle and Microsoft both cooperate (Oracle on Windows Server) and compete (Oracle vs SQL Server) on a range of fronts.

6. Tachyon (Berkeley, Calif.), a  big data startup, has raised $7.5 million in Series A funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz. Tachyon is a memory-centric storage system that is faster than file-based storage systems, the company asserts.

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