5 Tech Observations: 9 February 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news stories, rumors, gossip, insights and plenty more to start your day for Monday, February 9, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves 11 items.

11. Jumping the Shark?: The crowdfunding wave is raising more concerns. Perhaps giving "everyone" the opportunity to invest early in highly risky startups isn't a good idea, according to The Wall Street Journal. I tend to agree. Forgive me if this line is getting old, but I keep thinking 2015 is starting to feel like 2000 -- the year the dot-com bubble burst, mostly because of overly aggressive IT investment speculation...

10. Teaser Alert: Apple Watch app developers are beginning to promote their wares -- long before the smartwatch debuts in April. DexCom, for one, has developed a glucose monitor for the watch, which allows you to track blood-sugar levels continuously. It's a safe bet Apple will soon promote a range of third-party ISVs on the WatchKit website.

9. Pivotal Pivot: The cloud startup, led by Paul Maritz, apparently had layoffs but is also preparing to make a more aggressive Hadoop and open source push.

8. No Surprise Here: A new report suggests millions of cars and trucks are vulnerable to hackers.

7. Still Hungry: Google wants to grab 80 percent of Microsoft's Office business. Two years ago, I would have given Google good odds to make that happen. But despite Google Apps' progress, Microsoft has done a stellar job strengthening its Office 365 and cloud subscription services. 

6. Strange Bedfellows: Oracle Linux is now available on the Docker Hub Registry, eWeek noted.

5. Crank It Up to 11: Amazon is planning to build/launch/open roughly 11 more data centers in Oregon -- if the state can address some "tax" issues for the cloud and online retail giant. The tax issue is related to a 1973 business valuation law -- originally designed to address microwave towers. Hey, I'm all in favor of big business paying its share of taxes. But the tax code hasn't kept pace with the cloud age -- or the Internet age, or the client/server age, or the LAN age, or the PC age. 

4. He's Done: David Scott, Hewlett-Packard's top storage executive, is retiring, according to Re/code. The former CEO of 3Par, which HP acquired in 2010, will exit in March -- before the planned corporate breakup (HP Inc. and HP Enterprise). HP's storage revenue fell to $3.3 billion in 2014 from $3.3 billion in 2012.

3. M&A Missteps: Motorola Solutions apparently is up for sale. The company is not to be confused with Motorola Mobility -- a sister business whose pieces have bounced between Google and Lenovo in recent years. Motorola Solutions makes all sorts of enterprise-class wireless technology for fire departments and emergency workers. Plus, the business contains barcode scanner equipment acquired from the Symbol Technologies buyout in 2007.

2. Request for Proposals: One proposal has arrived. At least two more are coming soon... That's all I have to say about that... for now.

1. WTF Is New: Weekly Tech Forecast (WTF) is our new "week ahead" preview column, published each Monday morning (or Tuesday if Monday is a U.S. holiday). If you've got something for our WTF column -- event previews, product launches, etc. -- send me email for consideration (joe@AfterNines.com).

Bonus: Happy birthday to Arlin Sorensen, a mentor to hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of I.T. entrepreneurs and precision AG experts.

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