Look Ma: No Hands, No Money... No Problem

Limited budget. Competitive roadblocks. No cash flow (at least not initially). How do you compete in a market with your hands tied behind your back -- and an empty wallet filled with maxed-out credit cards in your front pocket?

The simple answer is: You decide not to compete -- at least on the traditional game board, where everybody is trying to buy Park Place and Boardwalk before passing Go.

Instead, you've got to introduce a completely different game board and get the right people to roll the dice with you. New market -- where you're writing the rules rather than playing by established rules that are stacked against you.

Think of it this way:

1. When are you at your creative best? 

  • When you have deep or at least reasonable financial resources but a million other projects and deadlines that demand your time?
  • When you have limited financial resources and unlimited time to innovate -- and squeeze the absolute most out of every dollar?

2. When are you happiest?

  • When you pursue KPIs (key performance indicators) based purely on business metrics?
  • When you pursue KPIs that involve delighting your customers and leading an industry transformation?

3. What's your time worth?

  • I'm not talking about hourly wages, bonuses, stock options, etc.
  • I am referring to the finite hours each of us has during this journey called life.
  • Translation: How do you really want to spend your allotted hours?

4. When are you most focused?

  • When you're free to do absolutely anything -- and wind up doing nothing?
  • When you're forced to carefully consider your path forward -- and wind up getting passionate about one specific path forward that nobody else sees?

PS to my mom: Credit cards aren't maxed out. Cash flow is good five months into business. The opening of this blog required poetic license to draw people in. We are hard at work on a potentially new game board, though. Maybe I'll show it to you when we gather for the holidays.

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