Weekly Tech Forecast: 23-27 February 2015

Welcome to our Weekly Tech Forecast (WFT), where we help I.T. entrepreneurs spot key technology industry developments -- before they happen. Here's WTF is happening for the week of February 23-27, 2015.

Monday, February 23

  • Earnings Spin: Geeknet -- which owns the ThinkGeek retailer -- will host a quarterly earnings call today at 11:00am. Tune in here. It sounds like the mood will be a downer. CEO Katy McCarthy in an earnings statement said the company was "extremely disappointed" with Q4 and overall 2014 performance.
  • Mobile Stress: Millennial Media, a mobile advertising platform company, is expected to deliver results according to some sources -- but we haven't received confirmation of that. Despite the extremely hot mobile ad platform, Millennial shares trade below $2.00 because of intense competition, M&A consolidation and big questions about the company's IPO. It's a not-so-friendly friendly reminder that competing in a hot market also involves heated pressure...
  • Safe at Home?: The National Association of Realtors will release existing homes sales data for January 2015. It's a prime opportunity for any IT startups focused on the housing market and/or real estate vertical to take inventory of their own industry. 

Tuesday, February 24

  • Market Mover: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellon starts two days of testimony to Congress -- describing the state of the economy. I rarely try to "time" the market, Yellon's mood and tone can certainly trigger upward and downward swings...
  • State of Hadoop: Hortonworks is expected to announce quarterly earnings. Analysts expect Hortonworks to deliver $13.39 million in revenue for the quarter -- a relatively small sum compared to all the Hadoop market noise we all hear. Still, Wall Street is all about setting earnings expectations -- and then potentially beating those expectations to boost share prices. We'll be watching to see how Hortonworks performs...
  • Tune In: The Tech News Today team has a few surprises in store for viewers on Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 1:00 p.m. ET and 10:00 a.m. PT. Although I won't be on this week's Tuesday edition, I'll still be watching from my web browser to hear and see the latest from Mike Elgan and crew.
  • Empowering MicroPreneurs: 17hats CEO Donovan Janus joins our latest podcast (9:01 p.m. ET, Tuesday night) to discuss sales, marketing, finance and other app capabilities for extremely small businesses. Janus also describes how he raised $1.25 million in seed money from Wavemaker Partners, a VC.

Wednesday, February 25

  • Groundbreaking Code?: Just a hunch, but I think After Nines Inc. will sign off on a product blueprint by this date. Next step: Actually breaking ground with some code development -- which could be a same-day event...
  • Cloud HR: WorkDay, the popular HR and finance cloud application provider, is expected to announce Q4 2015 results. Shares fell sharply last fall when WorkDay's growth forecast fell short of analyst hopes. But WorkDay has gradually recovered some of those losses. I'm a bit biased -- holding a WorkDay shares for the long haul because I essentially view them as Salesforce.com for HR... and perhaps finance... over the long haul.

Thursday, February 26

  • Earnings: Are expected from Aruba Networks, Autodesk and Ingram Micro
  • Next-Gen IT Management: Splunk is expected to deliver Q4 2015 results. I track Splunk closely and own a few shares because of the company's focus. Sort of a next-generation IT monitoring and management platform, Splunk collects big data from across a customer's infrastructure, security and business applications. Instead of just keeping the lights on, users can leverage the data to drive operational performance -- or so the company claims.

Friday, February 27

  • Data Point: The University of Michigan shares its latest consumer confidence figures. I typically don't get too caught up in such indexes...
  • Last Call: The final business day of February. If innings were months, After Nines Inc. will now be done with inning two of a major project... Ironically, you won't see the first pitch until after the final out of the final inning...

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Disclaimer: Dates and potential news developments listed above are subject to changes beyond our control -- including but not limited to the end of the world, Acts of God, etc.

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