5 Technology Observations: 23 February 2015

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, rants, unsubstantiated claims and offbeat observations for Monday, February 23, 2015.

Actually, today's update involves seven items.

7. You Don't Say: Sony and various U.S. agencies fumbled after a cyberattack that spilled confidential company and employee information onto the web, according to The Wall Street Journal. While it's obvious to even a novice that Sony and the Feds dropped the ball repeatedly, the Journal's extended account of the situation is especially important for any company seeking to bolster its security stance and emergency response tactics.

6. Another Buy: Box has acquired Airpost, which provides "security and enablement" for cloud-based applications. It's the latest move to prove that Box is more than a one-hit wonder -- while continuing to add platform capabilities to the file sync and sharing cloud service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

5. A Little Distracted: An old industry friend dialed me around 9:00 a.m. ET today. We talked about the past, present ... and perhaps even a little about what the future holds for our respective careers. Markets are evolving again. The timing is nearly right to do something dramatic. 

4. RoboInvesting Rules: Over the weekend, I traded virtual high fives with Eric Dosal, as we waxed poetic about the power of Wealthfront. The online investor platform essentially automates your market moves based on your risk tolerance, goals, etc. -- and the fees are extremely low. Now comes word that Betterment -- another RoboInvestor platform -- has raised another $60 million, ultimately valuing the company at nearly $500 million.

3. Docker Case Study: We all hear quite a bit about Docker -- the container technology that allows development teams to build, test and move applications from one server or cloud to another pretty darn rapidly. But how does Docker work in the real world -- beyond quick-hit blog claims from yours truly? A potential answer comes from Spotify. The streaming-music provider apparently uses Docker containers in a huge way to support its platform.

2. WTF Is Really Happening?: Quick reminder. Our Weekly Tech Forecast (WTF) blog pinpoints key dates and developments for the the week ahead. Here's the latest.

1. Cloud Backup: The next market inflection point is coming. In fact, it arrived in 2014 but most companies are just starting to weigh the challenge right now.. I feel a little like John Madden... Always describing the on-field mess from the safety of a broadcast booth high atop the stadium. But at some point maybe it will be time to step back on the field again. When is NFL kickoff 2015?

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