Building Your Own Space Mountain (for Fun and Profit)

Amy Katz and I have been speaking to a range of developers about a potential project -- code-named Space Mountain. What's behind the code name? And how does our journey apply to your business? The details go a bit like this.

When we co-launched After Nines Inc., we began to think about building a new world for you to navigate. We somehow connected that concept back to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Once you get to know the park it's pretty darn easy to navigate its circular or "loop" design -- moving from one "land" to the next (Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland). 

But here's the thing. For the first-time visitor, the Magic Kingdom can be absolutely overwhelming. Which ride do you Fast Pass? Where should you take a lunch break? And why is that parent ignoring his crying, screaming kid?

Soon, it dawned on us: We weren't setting out to build a Magic Kingdom for you.

Instead, we're gearing up to give you Space Mountain.

  • Elegant exterior: It beckons you to come on over, join the crowd, and get in line.
  • Simple entrance with two lines: One for general riders, one for Fast Pass folks.
  • Immersive interior: Once you're inside, you're fully immersed in the world.
  • Hidden complexity: You never see the plumbing, the ugly fixtures or the rails upon which you're riding.
  • Simple exit: When your ride is over, exiting the building is easy because you have a guided pathway to daylight. But you're so hooked on the experience that you want to get back in.

You're On the Same Journey

I suspect you're on a similar journey within your own company.

  • You're building powerful tools and technologies for your customers.
  • But somehow, you want to make those offerings elegant, simple and intuitive.
  • You want to hide all of the complexity.
  • And you want to keep your customers coming back for more -- without begging them to do so.

So, what steps are you taking to make your Space Mountain a reality? Where have you failed? And what advice would you share with our readers? I'm all ears. Drop me a line ( 

PS: Sorry, our Space Mountain doesn't exist yet. I can confirm this: We now know exactly what type of infrastructure we're going to need. We just need to figure out what type of riders we hope to attract... We hope to share some answers before holiday crowds arrive.

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