Multiple Kaseya Veterans Surface At Pilixo Cloud Startup


Pilixo Corp., a stealth cloud startup, is starting to emerge from the shadows. Apparently co-launched by Kaseya veterans Gerald Blackie and Timothy McMullen, Pilixo has been attracting additional Kaseya veterans to the team. The latest example: Former Kaseya VP Michael Sanders has jumped to Pilixo as chief revenue officer, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Blackie dropped some hints about the Pilixo effort during an After Nines Inc. podcast in November 2014. (UPDATE April 8, 2015: Pilixo emerged from stealth mode with deeper details today.) Behind the scenes, some Kaseya veterans had made their career moves, according to their respective LinkedIn profiles:

  • Jan. 2014: Tomas Tezak joined Pilixo in January 2014 as product manager for the company's cloud product.
  • Feb. 2014: Former Kaseya Software Engineer Brenda Hinojosa joined Pilixo.
  • Nov. 2014: Former Kaseya VP of Global Brand Development Rob Williams -- most recently at SpectorSoft -- joined Pilixo.

Although the company apparently has yet to launch or sell any products or services, Pilixo formed in 2013, and has 11 to 50 employees, according to a company profile page on LinkedIn. In mid-2014, Pilixo apparently scored office space with TechWalk, a Coral Springs, Fla., incubator. A brief company description on Twitter states: "The Pilixo cloud platform enables rapid provisioning of software and services to a secure, reliable network of devices easily managed from a unified dashboard." 

Does that mean the Kaseya veterans are getting back into the classic remote monitoring and management market that they helped to pioneer? I doubt it. At least not in the conventional sense. Blackie and team spent recent years shifting Kaseya from an on-premises IT service software company to a cloud company -- before selling Kaseya to a private equity firm in mid-2013.

Many executives from that IT monitoring niche have since jumped to pure cloud management plays -- with an emphasis on Big Data collection and analyzation. Key names include former Nimsoft CEO Gary Read (now leading Boundary) and several more career jumpers that I expect to disclose in the weeks ahead.

Back at Pilixo an official strategy has yet to be disclosed. I haven't reached out to Blackie and team directly because I've been locked away on my own R&D work in recent days. I'll ping him shortly and offer updates as time permits. 

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