The Rest of My Day: Hush, Hush

So, you may have noticed that content is surfacing on After Nines Inc. ( earlier each day, effective Jan. 5, 2015. I don't know how long that approach will last. But here's the reasoning -- and some more clues about where After Nines Inc. is heading next.

Here at After Nines Inc., Amy Katz and I have started working on several new projects. Some of the projects involve content development and consulting for a range of third parties. But at least two of the projects involve our own potential corporate assets. Effective Jan. 5, 2015 -- we're deep in R&D mode potentially building... well, you may need to wait a bit for the answer. But check our background (business, technology, research) and you may gain some clues about the path forward.

Given our project and R&D work, the After Nines Inc. blog ( will shift to an early morning focus for me. By 9:00 a.m. ET daily, I hope to have all of my latest views and perspectives published. And each Tuesday night at 9:01 p.m. ET, we'll publish our latest podcast: Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs.

What's In Between?

During normal business hours, Amy and I will focus on executing our mission statement: "Providing Timeless IT Guidance. From 9:01 Daily."

In many cases, the guidance will be done in private -- working behind the curtains with our clientele while also building out our own assets. One of our latest projects (still in discovery mode) involves IT and healthcare. But that's all I can say about that... for now. 

The bigger question for Amy, me and our business: How can we select one path forward when there are so many IT and business markets from which to choose?

As co-entrepreneurs, I guess it's safe to say Amy and I are looking for the right entry point today... and the right potential exit years or decades from now. It's going to be a heck of a journey. And I suspect two of the biggest steps in the journey will happen this year.

Thanks for taking this latest journey with us. Sorry I've been a bit vague about the road ahead. In some ways, we've been busy choosing the gravel, signage, onramps and destinations all at once. Once the highway is built -- if such a highway does get built -- I think you'll agree: There was a method to our madness.

At least that's what Amy and I keep telling each other during our daily planning calls -- which include a bit of vision, some execution, and lots of banter about our respective families and the lives we live. Yes, we're still keeping it real.

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