Dear Joe: Is After Nines Inc. In Hiring Mode?

We've gotten that question at least once a week since Amy Katz and I launched After Nines Inc. in September 2014. I do have some updates to share...

First, a little background. Amy and I are bootstrapping After Nines Inc. -- funding the company's launch and expansion out of our own pockets. Never say never, but we have no plans to raise money from friends and family, angels or VCs. 

The Budget So Far

So how are we spending our startup funds? The short answer is software development married to brand development. We're experimenting with a few software platforms that -- if ever launched -- will be strongly branded around our expertise.

So far, the effort does not include any full-time hires. Instead, Amy and I have been speaking with outsourced development experts and IT experts in the U.S. and in Mumbai, India, on separate projects.

The U.S. conversations have just started... but the gurus on the other end of the line sound sharp.

Meanwhile, we've also been working with IT experts in Mumbai -- who, in turn, have staff members in Europe and Asia. The conversations have rewarding. Each week we learn a bit more about data management in a "follow the sun" type of relationship. We pose questions in the late afternoon, and we've got new perspectives from our peers in Mumbai by early morning.

At the same time, we've been in touch with three major universities about potential business relationships -- positioning After Nines Inc. to incubate the next generation of industry talent, though we're not ready to disclose "what" industry that is, since there are several paths we could take. The email chatter has only just begun. I expect the dialog to heat up in the next few months or so.

Hurry Up and Wait

I must confess: We're facing a bit of a "chicken or the egg" situation. We're so busy exploring what types of services to launch that we're not in a position to say if or when we'll take on full-time talent -- though our potential needs are on a whiteboard... Somewhere.

Think of it this way. We're still trying to decide what type of building to a construct -- a residential home? A condo complex? A commercial strip mall? The blueprints for each of those projects varies widely. So, too, does the buildout schedule -- along with the talent you need to (A) break ground, (B) complete construction and (C) maintain the infrastructure for the long haul.

The bottom line? If we ever flip the switch and go into full-time hiring mode we'll disclose it in this blog. But if you're curious about what type of talent -- outsourced or full time -- we're evaluating, you can always reach Amy ( or me ( privately.

In the meantime, the first blueprints look promising...

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