DevOps: One Dashboard for All?

You know the pitch: Your software provider has a single dashboard that allows you to manage all I.T. infrastructure and business processes. But as cloud computing and DevOps emerged, the single dashboard metaphor began to crumble. Suddenly, you were back to multiple dashboards and numerous information silos as workloads shifted to third-party data centers worldwide.

Distelli wants to change that -- at least when it comes to your DevOps efforts. Launched by Amazon Web Services veteran Rahul Singh, Distelli allows programmers to keep track of "who did what and where on each server," according to GeekWire.

That's an important capability, especially as programmers and team members write code or move code from one server to another -- either on-premises or out in the cloud. 

True believers include Andreessen Horowitz, which led Distelli's $2.8 million Series A funding round. In a blog post about the funding round, Singh explains Distelli's core mission and the pain points the company is trying to solve.

[Because of the cloud], we’re quickly losing track of not only how many servers we’re running but who on our team is pushing code to them and what’s actually running where. We’re all under increasing pressure today to ship sooner and iterate faster, and we’re finding it harder than ever to consistently push code to servers and track who did what and when. I founded Distelli to solve that problem...”
— Rahul Singh, founder Distelli

Singh says he spent almost nine years at Amazon shipping code to hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of servers. Now, he wants to eliminate the "friction" in the build and deploy cycle -- getting software to servers in an easier, more effectively managed way.

Ultimately, he claims, Distelli will make it easy for developers and software teams to manage all of their infrastructure regardless of location.

I've heard that pitch before. During the client-server age. During the dawn or remotely managed servers. And now, during the hybrid cloud era. I'll be watching to see if Distelli gets it right.

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