Dear Joe: What's With The Legos?

Quite a few readers have noticed that my Facebook page contains Lego imagery. Some folks suspect After Nines Inc. is hard at work in its own, digital Legoland -- building something new for I.T. entrepreneurs. I wouldn't necessarily jump to that conclusion.

Instead, think of it this way. After Nines Inc. is taking a close look at a range of online development tools. Instead of building a one-off solution, we're wondering how to build a repeatable, scalable foundation. We're especially worried about data management -- gathering and maintaining one version of the truth from now until the end of time -- at least until the end of After Nines Inc.'s time.

Think of it this way: Once you have the perfect blueprint for building a home's foundation and core infrastructure -- electric, plumbing, heat, etc. -- then you can ultimately decide (A) whether to build that house for real and (B) how to actually furnish the house and (C) what shingle, if any, to hang outside.

In other words: Right now we don't really care about the furniture, the wallpaper or what magazine(s) sit on the coffee table -- if any. We expect to be playing around with the core building blocks for months to come. And frankly, it's far too early to say how those blocks may -- or may not -- take final form.

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