TNT 1079: Separated at Birth? JP, Dig Dug Pookas

In case you missed the Aug. 26 edition of Tech News Today here’s a recap: I went to Disney World with my son, enjoyed the Magic Band technology but purchased some really cheap Disney sunglasses. The lenses broke off within 24 hours of purchase… leaving me looking like a lost Pookas character from Dig Dug – the classic 1980s arcade game. Despite the lunacy, Amy Katz still went into business with me… yet again, here at After Nines.

But back to the topic at hand. Tech News Today for Aug. 26, 2014 content included: Amazon’s Fire Phone is not doing so hot, California signs the “kill switch” bill, Amazon buys Twitch, Disney World shows its tech prowess, and more.

This edition of Tech News Today featured:

  • Hosts: Mike Elgan, Jason Howell and me
  • Guests: Devindra Hardawar, Melody Gutierrez and Doug MacMillan.

I co-anchor Tech News Today each Tuesday. Thanks for tuning in.