5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Sept 25

By now our daily After Nines Inc. readers know the drill: Here are five technology industry updates, news nuggets, rumors and gossip to start your day for Sept. 25, 2014.

5. iPhone 6 Plus Bends -- But Doesn't Break: Amid reports across the web that the iPhone 6 Plus can "bend" out of shape, some folks wondered if Apple would need to press the reset button and issue some sort of recall or hardware fix. But the coverage seems to be overblown. The "bending" can occur if you put the iPhone 6 Plus in your back pocket and then sit on it. The obvious fix: Don't do that. Apple's far bigger issue over the past 24 hours involved a bad iOS software update. After being installed, the update basically kills the iPhone's phone capabilities and TouchID fingerprint sensor. Apple pulled the update...

4. Attention Shark Tank Fans: Shark Tank -- the TV show in which entrepreneurs seek funding from rich, well-connected folks -- is required viewing in my house. And now, I might have another new, somewhat related addiction. It's called Onevest -- an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses to accredited investors (aka Angel Investors). Co-founder and CMO Shahab Kaviani is a familiar name to me. He previously held a key post at HyperOffice -- a cloud and SaaS alternative to Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and more. Circle the date: I plan to attend the next Onevest Digital Demo Day on Sept. 30. I'm curious to see which startups are in the room -- and which sharks express interest in them.

3. Watch Google's CIO: I've got my eye on Google's CIO -- and his plans for the next two weeks or so. It's a safe bet he plans to share some best practices with enterprise cloud customers. I'll share more thoughts on this later today.

2. VMware Rising, Not Falling: As you may recall, EMC owns a huge stake in VMware. At the same time, EMC apparently has been discussing potential M&A deals with HP and perhaps even Dell in recent months.

But the real story, according to one of our trusted readers, involves VMware's potential ability to disrupt both its parent (EMC) and its partner (Cisco): "VMware stands a real chance to rise above the fray and be successful in the Software Defined Everything world.  Just as server
virtualization diminished the value of the underlying hardware brand providing the resource pool, virtualizing switching is going to devalue the switch vendor and VSAN is going to devalue the storage vendor." Well said.

1. Cyber Cynic Reacts to Bash Bug: Attention all IT admins and IT support folks. The Bash or Shellshock bug runs the risk of being bigger than Heartbleed, according to CNet. What should you do? When it comes to major Internet security issues, I turn my attention to Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, a NASA veteran who has blogged about Unix, Linux, open source and security since blogs started. Friends also call Steven by his nicknames: SJVN or the Cyber Cynic. Here are SJVN's thoughts on Bash.

BONUS - NEXT MOVES: Quite a few readers who have tracked my career know the following about me:

  • The 9:01 blog has so far mostly covered big IT companies and big IT issues.
  • I've also got extensive experience in the SMB market, speaking with IT leaders about how they are building their businesses.

Stay tuned on that second bullet. And thank you for reading/visiting After Nines Inc.'s corporate blog daily.

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Have a great day. -jp