5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Sept. 23

What's my favorite thing about the After Nines Inc. blog? I've got three answers. First, you know it will always publish at 9:01 a.m. ET on business days. Second, you know it will always contain a few juicy tidbits you can't find elsewhere. Third, it will evolve based on reader feedback. Here's the update.

5. Dumping WordPress for SquareSpace: Lots of readers and IT folks know I'm a WordPress fanatic. I've also dabbled in Drupal with mixed results. Generally speaking, I love WordPress and its open source approach for content management. But take a closer look and you'll notice that the After Nines Inc. website is built on SquareSpace. Why's that? I will share our business reasoning later today.

4. Wizard Named Oz Returns: Lotus Notes creator and Microsoft veteran Ray Ozzie (pictured) is back. This time he's launching an app called Talko Inc. Apparently, it lets iOS users collaborate using a mix of voice calls and texts, reports Bloomberg. Hey Ray: Considering your heritage, how about an OS/2 or Windows 8 version of the app? Or not.

3. Fact Check, Please: Yesterday, I mentioned that we're tracking Synnex's upcoming earnings to help analyze the overall health of IT spending. But I gave the wrong date for the earnings release. Synnex says Q3 earnings will debut Sept. 29 -- contrary to an earlier date shared by Yahoo's earnings calendar app. Timely reminder for me: Always check in with the core source instead of depending on third parties.

2. You Asked, We Changed: Check the title of this daily blog and you'll notice a subtle change. The word "distraction" is now "observation" -- and is subject to future change, too. Reasoning: A loyal reader and pal from The Cornhusker State called me yesterday and offered me the following sound bite: "The IT industry is filled with distractions I don't want. After Nines Inc. is not another distraction. You're filling a void, as usual, with unique views nobody else delivers. Drop the word 'distraction.'" And so we did, starting today. Keep the feedback coming.

1. Cisco and Metacloud: When Cisco Systems on Sept. 17 disclosed its intent to buy Metacloud (the OpenStack-focused private cloud provider), I applauded the deal. But sometimes when a big company buys a small startup, the technology and messaging gets lost in the noise. Apparently, that won't be the case here. Rumor has it Cisco officials will visit New York next week to discuss the company's overall cloud strategy with a few trusted sources. Check the business cards and executive business bios closely. Chances are you'll see a few Metacloud veterans involved in the briefings. That's welcome news, and fast action on Cisco's part.

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Thanks for visiting After Nines Inc. and for reading the 9:01 blog. We appreciate your time. Always.