5 Tech Distractions to Start Your Day, Sept. 22

Ironically, After Nines Inc. is already a bit distracted EMC exploring ways to potentially sell itself. So we're a few minutes late with our traditional 9:01 a.m. ET blog -- which explores five tech rumors, gossip and observations to start your day. Here's the lineup.

 5. More on EMC: Today's Wall Street Journal suggests EMC has been trying to sell itself, talking with HP over the past year and perhaps even discussing a financial arrangement with Dell. EMC definitely has some valuable assets -- enterprise storage, quality products, a big stake in VMware, and control of RSA security. But After Nines Inc. believes there are 5 reasons to be wary of a potential EMC company sale

4. Apple iPhone 6 Sales - I'm Ten Million & One: Tim Cook has reason to celebrate. Apple says it has sold 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones since pre-orders started on Sept. 12. I finally broke down and ordered the 6 Plus on Sept. 21. Expected delivery date: Four weeks or so. I was weighing a move to a Samsung smartphone running Google Android. I'm already an Android tablet, Google Chromecast and Chromebook owner. So an Android smartphone was tempting. But ultimately, I leaned back into the Apple ecosystem. I doubt I'll ever own or wear an Apple Watch. But... I at least wanted the option to use Apple's latest and greatest integrated gadgets. Hence, the iPhone 6 Plus purchase.

3. Avoiding Alibaba's Spell: When Alibaba went public last week, plenty of folks jumped on the IPO bandwagon. I wasn't one of them. I generally avoid IPOs and prefer to let the hype pass. If I decided to get into a stock, I typically buy and hold for the long haul. Another reason i was fearful/skeptical: As Vlad Mazek pointed out to me on Facebook, the Alibaba shares actually involved stock in Alibaba's Cayman holding company. Chinese law forbids companies from accepting foreign investments. I don't like the law. And I don't like the holding company workaround.

2. Proof The Moon Landing Was Real: Some conspiracy theorists suggest man never landed on the moon. Good news: Nvidia claims its new lighting technology debunks one of the most common conspiracy theory claims. Now, if they could only tell me who really shot JFK.

1. Tech Earnings: Synnex (Sept. 23) and Blackberry (Sept. 26) are set to announce financial results later this week. I used to blog about Synnex's channel strategy. But these days I look at Synnex from Wall Street's point of view -- as a bellwether for the IT industry's overall health. Also, Blackberry CEO John Chen continues to hint that the worst days are behind the smartphone maker. We'll get more evidence to inspect when Blackberry delivers its results.

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