Top 9 Reasons Employees Quit

Teaser alert: A lengthy list of influential After Nines Inc. readers are set to quit their current jobs and move to new I.T. positions in the next few weeks. (We'll name names when the sources are ready to talk.) In the meantime, what are the top reasons your current employees are likely to resign, exit -- and look for another job? Here's the lineup.

9. You Didn't Get An Annual Raise (28 percent): Happy Holidays, Thanks for Nothing, I resign.

8. You're A Natural Job Hopper (35 percent): If you've been at your current company for two years or LESS, you're far more likely to keep job hopping. In contrast, only 13 percent of workers who've been with a company five years or more are looking to make a career move.

7. Overlooked for Promotion (36 percent): You're up to the next challenge. Only, your employer or your boss doesn't see it that way.

6. Poor Boss Performance (37 percent): How can you shine when your boss's performance is so darn lousy.

5. High Stress (39 percent): Everything at work seems to be "urgent" (even if it isn't). Every customer win or loss is "make or break." The next widget launch is the single most important thing in your life. Only, it shouldn't be that way.

4. Feeling Underemployed (39 percent): Basically, you're not challenged. And the idea of "just collecting a paycheck" for menial work depresses you (and me).

3. No Life-Work Balance (39 percent): It's all work and no pleasure, leaving little time for family, friends and the finer things in life. Like red wine.

2. No Advancement Opportunities (45 percent): The big raise or promotion always seems to go to someone else. Or, the company is stagnant and simply doesn't create new, exciting positions. Even worse, perhaps the company only hires from outside for those hot, new, sexy slots.

1. Job Dissatisfaction (58 percent): You don't challenge the worker. Or, the employee feels like the system is set up against them.

Source: CareerBuilder Nov.-Dec 2013 survey.

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