Amazon Cloud Migrations Shift to Ludicrous Speed

What's the biggest benefit of cloud computing? Some pundits say cost savings. I disagree, and instead say Speed to Market. Now, CloudReach wants to drive home that point -- introducing new services to help customers launch Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads even faster.

A new Kickstarter Service for AWS covers "everything from initial setup and training to ongoing technical support, and is packaged as a two-week, fixed-price engagement, making the move to the cloud an immediately tangible and transformative process."

What's that? You can move my business to the cloud in two weeks at a fixed price engagement? Sign me up for that ... (Subject to me reading the fine print and having no concerns.)

It's sort of ironic: Cloud was supposed to drive recurring revenues for everyone -- spreading the wealth to all companies perpetually. But fixed-price cloud engagements are basically one-off consulting and migration gigs. Make one payment, and your workloads get moved to the cloud. (Then pay Amazon forever.) Still, there are opportunities to provide ongoing support services once once the migration is complete.

Bottom line: Speed to market remains cloud's big advantage. And now, that speed is shifting into overdrive.

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