Verizon Cloud Mall Features Next-Generation App Monitoring

I keep hyping a next-generation IT monitoring revolution, which shifts the focus from basic hardware monitoring (servers and desktops) to cloud and application services monitoring. The latest example involves Verizon offering AppDynamics in its cloud marketplace.

Familiar names like Adam Famularo and Wendy Petty are now onboard at Verizon Enterprise. The telecom and cell service provider has certainly fallen for the cloud -- introducing a range of third-party SaaS applications to business customers. The latest involves AppDynamics -- the fast-growth provider of Application Intelligence technologies. That's a fancy pivot term for the traditional application performance management market.

AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal described his business strategy in our very first podcast back in November. It's clear the company is marching toward an IPO, based on the growing popularity and adoption of its application monitoring and optimization tools. 

Still, AppDynamics faces plenty of competition in this new application monitoring wave. Names like Boundary, New Relic, LogicMonitor and Splunk keep popping onto our dashboard. All roads seem to lead to Big Data analysis. Basically, the tools gather a range of data points, then allow you to analyze and optimize your application environment. In many cases, the applications can be on-premises or out in a public cloud from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace and others.

It's good to see telcos like Verizon evolving toward this new generation of App monitoring. But I wonder how many customers will buy AppDynamics and other tools through cloud marketplaces -- or directly from the supplying vendor.