Where Google Apps Customers Are Heading Next

Some new Google for Work initiatives are coming. You can just feel it (wink, wink). But where exactly are Google Apps customers and developers heading next? The answer involves the blending of SaaS with IaaS. How so? Glad you asked.

Classic Google Apps customers leverage the company's email and productivity applications in the cloud. Those apps are all about making individuals more productive. While Google Apps is SaaS, you also have to keep a close eye on Google Compute Engine (iaaS).

Software developers certainly are doing exactly that. Poke around Google, and you'll hear stories about ISVs (independent software vendors) writing and running apps on Google Compute Engine, and integrating those workloads with Google Apps. The trend -- the blending of Google Apps and Google Compute Engine (SaaS plus IaaS) -- won't stop with ISVs. 

Trust me: A growing number of customers are making similar moves.

Meanwhile, In Microsoft Land

Of course, the trend isn't limited to Google. Over in Microsoft's ecosystem, the software giant is starting to see customers and ISVs connect the dots between Azure and Office 365 -- again, the blending of IaaS and SaaS. 

I concede: This is a bit of teaser blog -- perfectly timed, considering all the Teaser trailers arriving this holiday season. (There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?)

I'll shift from teaser mode to deeper details within the next 24 hours or so. In the meantime, start thinking about how you can make "one plus one" (SaaS plus IaaS) equal far more than the sum of their parts. UPDATE: Here are the deeper details I had promised.

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