5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day 120314

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news nuggets, observations, rumors, gossip and other insights for Dec. 3, 2014 .

Actually, today's update involves eight items...

8. DropBox Goes Corporate: The file sync and sharing company has lined up relationship with Dell, IBM and others. But I keep wondering: Where are the profits.

7. Losing Its Signal: RadioShack's stock is closing in on $0.00. My only question: Why isn't RadioShack a type of "Geek Squad" or "Genius Bar" for homes and small business.

6. Big Money: SendGrid has raised $20 million in new funding for its bulk email management business. SendGrid helps companies ensure their marketing messages don't get caught in spam filters. 

5. Heard in the Hall: "Can we have all of your content and some consulting expertise for free?" Does the question even warrant a reply?

4. Behind the Deal:  Serial entrepreneur Steve Ferman now owns CloudNation. How did he spot the opportunity to buy the cloud company? We'll share the details in an upcoming podcast. Keep an eye on www.AfterNines.com/ceo.

3. Better Late Than...: HP's enterprise group will now offer Office 365 consulting and deployment services. HP was an early provider of on-premises Exchange Server support, so it's strange to see them so late to the Office 365 game with formalized programs.

2. Outlook Mobile Gets Leapfrogged: We mentioned yesterday that Microsoft acquired Acompli, a mobile email app provider. Now, sources are saying Microsoft will essentially introduce new Outlook mobile apps based on Acompli.

1. Big Data IPO: Hortonworks is set to IPO at $14 per share. The Big Data-focused company has built its business atop Hadoop, the open source platform. Details surfaced in an SEC filing. But be careful. It looks like Hortonworks' actual valuation has fallen in recent months based on weaker-than-expected revenue growth rates.

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